The Hairpin

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The Hairpin
Type of site
Current events, culture
Available inEnglish
Created byEdith Zimmerman
EditorsEdith Zimmerman
Emma Carmichael
Haley Mlotek
Sylvia Killingsworth
Key peopleMichael Macher
Launched2010; 13 years ago (2010)
Current statusShut down

The Hairpin was a women's website in The Awl network. It was founded in 2010 by Edith Zimmerman. It ceased publication at the end of January 2018.[1]

From 2013 to 2014, The Hairpin was edited by Emma Carmichael, with Jia Tolentino as contributing editor. Haley Mlotek was editor at The Hairpin from 2014 to 2015,[2] with Jazmine Hughes as contributing editor, followed by Alexandra Molotkow.[3][4] The site went on hiatus briefly but was revived in 2016 when Sylvia Killingsworth left The New Yorker to become editor of both The Awl and The Hairpin.[5]

Carmichael described her role as the first new editor at The Hairpin after Zimmerman stepped down in 2013 as "really hard; Edith created a perfectly formed product in The Hairpin and her voice was...The Hairpin".[6]

The Hairpin had been home to several recurring features including Jia Tolentino's "Interview With a Virgin",[7] Jolie Kerr's "Ask A Clean Person",[8] former This American Life producer Jane Marie's makeup tutorial series "How To Be A Girl"[9] and Lindsay King-Miller's advice column "Ask A Queer Chick".[10]

Glen Weldon discussed the demise of The Hairpin as being in response to the decline in advertisement-driven website revenue, making a difficult situation for independent publishers.[11]


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