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Joel Plaskett Emergency Playing the Aliant Stage

The Halifax Pavilion (or The Pavilion as it is locally called) is an all-ages club residing on the Halifax Common in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The Pavilion was opened in 1998 by Condon Macleod, who had previously operated the all ages club, Cafe Ole. The Pavilion supported independent bands by providing a place to play as well as generating fan support for these bands. The Pavilion has also booked other popular HRM venues for acts that were too large for the confines of the Pavilion.

In January 2003, the club was shut down by the Halifax Regional Municipality. It underwent some major renovations and was reopened on August 13, 2004 and had a "breaking in" of the new stage by local bands Risky Business, Wheels on the Bus, Realms of Despair and Ontario band I Hate Sally. The Grand Reopening was headlined by Halifax native and Juno Nominee, Joel Plaskett.


The Pavilion is located at 5816 Cogswell St in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is adjacent to a skate park on the Halifax Common. Housed in the upper floor of a brick building, a giant mural adorns its eastern exterior wall. The building also houses change rooms in its basement level for an adjacent swimming pool. The Pavilion includes a stage, main office, two washrooms, a coat check room and a green room for the performers. It also has a small concessions stand, run by the volunteer staff, which sells refreshments and earplugs. The building holds about 300 people, not including the band merch tables at the back of the building.

Notable performances[edit]

The band Protest the Hero playing outside of the Pavilion

Notable performances at the Pavilion include:

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