The Hamilton Case

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The Hamilton Case
First edition
Author Michelle de Kretser
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Literary, Crime novel
Publisher Knopf, Australia
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 369 pp
ISBN 1-74051-197-2
OCLC 156226416
Preceded by The Rose Grower
Followed by The Lost Dog

The Hamilton Case is a 2003 novel by Australian author Michelle de Kretser. The book won the Commonwealth Writers Prize (SE Asia & Pacific) and the Encore Award (UK). The work centres on the lives of the somewhat eccentric Obeysekere family, in particular Sam, and the 1930s setting explores themes of colonization in Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka. Michelle de Kretser is originally from Sri Lanka. The title refers to a fictional case involving the murder of an English planter in Ceylon, which Sam Obeysekere, a lawyer, attempts to solve. Time Magazine named the book as one of the five best novels of 2004, referring to the date published in the United States.



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