The Hanged Man (2007 film)

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The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man.jpg
Directed byNeil H. Weiss
Produced byNeil H. Weiss
Glenn B. Hopper III
Written byGlenn B. Hopper III
StarringAdam Hatley
Thomas Anthony Jones
Robbyn Leigh
Brandon Gibson
Cliff Weissman
Ralph Hatley
Music byJoseph Carrillo
CinematographyPatricia Lee
Edited byCarl Pfirman
Debra L. Tennant
Distributed byOsiris Entertainment
Release date
  • October 20, 2007 (2007-10-20) (Indie Memphis)
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Hanged Man is an independent supernatural thriller from Tennessee-based production company Starbox Pictures.[1] A taut psychological thriller full of twists and turns, it stars Adam Hatley and Brandon Gibson.[2] The film screened in 2007 at the Indie Memphis Film Festival[3] and was distributed in 2010 by Osiris Entertainment.[4]


Seven irrevocably damaged social misfits come together in an internet chat room, looking for understanding and compassion, but ultimately make a suicide pact.

One by one, they come together in a remote, abandoned barn to await their "savior", chipping away the mask of cyber nicknames, fictional personas, and the anonymity of the Web.

SoCo, a volatile and brooding misanthrope is the most eager and first to arrive. Spaceshot, most openly vulnerable; Miles, who dreads the inevitable; Flash, a redneck cowboy distraught over a secret he's shared just once; X-Factor, doomed to repeat the sins of her mother; LT56, a middle-aged survivor of a life-altering tragedy; and Dwarfstar, the organizer, the prophet ... the one bringing the solution of a painless peace.

But as the sun sets and Dwarfstar is yet to appear, emotions rise, the woods whispers its secrets and the facades fall aside, revealing that one of them isn't who they profess to be ... and one of them was dead before they arrived.


  • Adam Hatley as SoCo
  • Tom Jay Jones as Miles
  • Daren Dukes as Blind Man
  • David Evette as Farmer
  • Joey Nesta as Boy in truck
  • Brandon Gibson as Flash
  • Ralph Hatley as Sheriff
  • Josephine Hatley as Young Spaceshot
  • Shanola Hampton as X-Factor
  • Robbyn Leigh as Spaceshot
  • Cliff Weissman as LT56


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