The Hanged Man (TV series)

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The Hanged Man
Genre Crime Drama
Created by Edmund Ward
Starring Colin Blakely
Michael Williams
Gary Watson
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 8
Producer(s) Yorkshire Television
Running time 50 minutes
Original network ITV
Original release 15 February – 5 April 1975

The Hanged Man is a British crime drama series that aired on ITV in 1975. It was created and written by Edmund Ward.



Lew Burnett is a self-made man who owns a huge construction company. However, his success has bred resentment and after his wife is killed in a plane crash a third attempt[clarification needed] is made on Lew's life. He then decides to pretend to be dead to avoid any more attempts on his life and find out who is trying to kill him and why. He is helped by Alan Crowe, an old friend. Burnett travels around the world to trace the nine potential suspects. In each episode, Burnett is caught up in a fight of some sort.


  1. "Wheel of Fortune" (15 February 1975)
  2. "Tower of Destruction" (22 February 1975)
  3. "Knave of Coins" (7 March 1975)
  4. "Chariot of Earth" (14 March 1975)
  5. "The Bridge Maker" (14 March 1975)
  6. "Grail and Platter" (21 March 1975)
  7. "Laws of Fortune" (28 March 1975)
  8. "Ring of Return" (5 April 1975)


The series also introduces a shady thief called Turtle played by John F. Landry. This character would later have his own series called Turtle's Progress.


Music for the show was written by Alan Tew. The same score would turn up on such programs like The Two Ronnies, The People's Court and the 2009 film Black Dynamite.[citation needed]


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