The New Adventures of Old Christine (season 3)

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The New Adventures of Old Christine
Season 3
Old christine s3 dvd.jpg
DVD Cover
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes10
Original networkCBS
Original releaseFebruary 4 (2008-02-04) –
March 31, 2008 (2008-03-31)
Season chronology
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Season 2
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Season 4
List of The New Adventures of Old Christine episodes

The third season of The New Adventures of Old Christine premiered on CBS on Monday nights from 9:30/8:30 pm from February 4, 2008 and concluded on March 31, 2008. It was the last season to air on Monday nights. It was originally intended to have 13 episodes, since CBS scheduled the series as a midseason replacement, but due to the Writer's Strike, it was shortened to 10 episodes. It is the shortest season of the series.

In this season, Christine and Mr. Harris have a smooth going relationship, until Christine's schedule becomes too hectic midway through the season causing Mr. Harris to leave her. Meanwhile, Richard and New Christine take their relationship up a notch and buy a house together, which coincidentally is Christine's dream house leaving her feeling jealous and confused. Barb leaves her husband and she has a short-lived fling with Matthew much to Christine's horror. On August 13, 2008, CBS announced that The New Adventures of Old Christine will be moving to Wednesday nights after Summer 2008, after Welcome to the Captain's cancellation.

This season marks the reunion between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander, who previously worked together in Seinfeld.

Wanda Sykes, who plays the role of Barb, was upgraded to series regular status for this season.

Cast and characters[edit]


No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
361"The Big Bang"Kari Lizer & Jeff AstrofFebruary 4, 2008 (2008-02-04)#3T67019.43[1]
After waiting to consummate her relationship with Mr. Harris, Christine is finally ready-until Barb gives her reason to worry, and Matthew rethinks med school after discovering that his assigned cadaver is a former neighbor.
372"Beauty is Only Spanx Deep"Kari LizerFebruary 11, 2008 (2008-02-11)#3T67029.89[2]
After a pretty young waitress flirts with Mr. Harris Christine gets insecure and considers plastic surgery. Christine considers having plastic surgery, because she's afraid that she's dating out of her league.
383"Popular"Jennifer CrittendenFebruary 18, 2008 (2008-02-18)#3T67039.40[3]
After Christine finds out that she hasn't been invited to any of the Meanie Moms' school-related social events, she changes her ways to get in tighter with them.
394"Traffic"Jeff AstrofFebruary 25, 2008 (2008-02-25)#3T67059.14[4]
Christine's relationship with Mr. Harris is on the ropes because she is just too busy with her life to make time for him.
405"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"Aaron ShureMarch 3, 2008 (2008-03-03)#3T67048.35[5]
Christine declares that she's over her breakup with Mr. Harris, but she has a relapse at one of Richie's parties. Meanwhile, a therapist tells Matthew that he is having an inappropriate relationship with Christine.
416"The New Adventures of Old Christine"Frank PinesMarch 10, 2008 (2008-03-10)#3T67067.38[6]
Still trying to get over being sad about her recent return to single-hood, Christine reluctantly lets New Christine set her up on a blind date, but the date goes from bad to worse as Christine discovers he is not who he made himself out to be.
427"House"Katie PalmerMarch 10, 2008 (2008-03-10)#3T67079.62[6]
When Christine learns that Richard and New Christine bought the house she had always dreamed of, she tries to contain her jealousy and attempts to feel genuinely happy for them.
438"Burning Down the House"(Part 1)Aaron ShureMarch 17, 2008 (2008-03-17)#3T670811.47[7]
Christine considers taking a walk on the wild side in order to make Barb think she's not a square. Dave Foley (NewsRadio) returns to guest star as Richard's friend, Tom, with whom Christine once went on a date.
449"The Happy Couple"(Part 2)Jennifer CrittendenMarch 24, 2008 (2008-03-24)#3T67099.77[8]
Matthew and Barb pretend to be inseparable after Christine learns they spent the night together and forbids them to see one another.
4510"One and a Half Men"Teleplay by: Lew Schneider
Story by: Allan Rice & Amy Iglow
March 31, 2008 (2008-03-31)#3T671012.57[9]

When Christine's gynecologist suggests that her flu-like symptoms may be her experiencing perimenopause, Christine tries to take charge of her hormones.

Note: Julia Louis-Dreyfus submitted this episode for consideration due to her nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards.


No. Title Air Date Rating/Share
1 The Big Bang February 4, 2008 3.2/8 9.43[1]
2 Beauty is Only Spanx Deep February 11, 2008 3.3/8 9.89[2]
3 Popular February 18, 2008 9.40[3]
4 Traffic February 25, 2008 9.14[4]
5 Between a Rock and a Hard Place March 3, 2008 8.35[5]
6 The New Adventures of Old Christine March 10, 2008 2.7/7 7.38[6]
7 House March 10, 2008 3.2/8 9.62[6]
8 Burning Down the House March 17, 2008 4.3/11 11.47[7]
9 The Happy Couple March 24, 2008 3.8/9 9.77[8]
10 One and a Half Men March 31, 2008 4.5/11 12.57[9]


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