The Happy Life

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The Happy Life
The Happy Life Poster.jpeg
Hanja 즐거운
Revised Romanization Jeulgeoun insaeng
McCune–Reischauer Chŭlgŏun Insaeng
Directed by Lee Joon-ik
Produced by Jo Cheol-Hyeon
Written by Choi Seok-hwan
Starring Jung Jin-young
Kim Yoon-seok
Kim Sang-ho
Jang Keun-suk
Music by Bang Jun-seok
Lee Byung-hoon
Cinematography Kim Yeong-chul
Edited by Kim Sang-bum
Kim Jae-bum
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date
  • September 12, 2007 (2007-09-12)
Running time
112 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$8.7 million[1]

The Happy Life (Hangul즐거운 인생) is a 2007 South Korean film directed by Lee Joon-ik, whose previous film, The King and the Clown was the highest grossing Korean film of 2005. The film sold 1,263,835 tickets nationwide .[2] [3]


Sang-woo, the leader of college rock band Active Volcano, dies and sets up a reunion for Gi-yeong and the other members of the group. Former bass player Seong-wook lives a hand-to-mouth existence working two jobs. Drummer Hyeok-su is a single father struggling to make a living as a car salesman. The jobless lead guitarist Gi-yeong dreams of taking over Volcano as the new frontman. When he suggests they reform the band while the old friends reminisce at the funeral, they all spurn the idea. But Gi-yeong persists and gets each to relent, setting the stage for a rock and roll reunion.[4]


Musical theatre adaptation[edit]

It was adapted into a stage musical in 2008, with film/theater actor Oh Man-seok debuting as director. Oh was also the lyricist and polished the script. The story centers around two guys who are crazy about music. One is a high school music teacher, Beom-jin, who has broken up with his girlfriend and now eats sadly alone in front of his mirror out of habit. Another is the younger Sae-ki, whose mother left and whose father died in a sudden accident, leaving him an orphan. In this rather dull world, the only thing that makes these two feel alive is music, offering them their "happy life". Yoo Jun-sang and Im Choon-gil alternated as Beom-jin, and Kim Mu-yeol and Ryan alternated as Sae-ki.


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