The Hard Sell (Encore)

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The Hard Sell (Encore)
Album The Hard Sell (Encore).png
Live album by DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist
Released 2008
Genre Hip hop
Length 78:51
Label Pillage Roadshow
Producer DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist
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The Hard Sell
(2007)The Hard Sell2007
The Hard Sell (Encore)
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The Hard Sell (Encore) is an album by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. It was released in 2008. The entire mix performed live and recorded during rehearsals for the Hard Sell tour, November 2007, at the pink house.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "On a Mission" - 5:19
  2. "Jukebox Rock" - 7:36
  3. "Funky" - 6:57
  4. "Chilled" - 6:53
  5. "Sun Used to Shine" - 3:10
  6. "Fused of Course" - 17:28
  7. "Toro Toro" - 2:56
  8. "Hooked on Atari" - 23:48
  9. "Turned Around and Time Warped" - 4:48


DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist used 8 turntables, 4 mixers, 2 guitar pedals, and a large quantity of 7-inch vinyl.[1]


Jukebox Rock



Sun Used to Shine

Fused of Course

Toro Toro

Hooked on Atari

Turned Around And Time Warped


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  • Liner notes from the album.