The Harold Pig Memorial

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The Harold Pig Memorial
HAROLD PIGmemorial.jpg
Studio album by Circus Devils
Released 2002

alternative rock

psychedelic rock
Label Rockathon Records /the Fading Captain Series
Producer Todd Tobias
Circus Devils chronology
Ringworm Interiors
The Harold Pig Memorial
Pinball Mars
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
Popmatters 3/5 stars[2]
The Broken Face 4.5/5 stars[3]

The Harold Pig Memorial is the second studio album by Ohio alternative rock band Circus Devils, released in 2002. Conceived as a concept album, each song depicts an episode in the life of biker Harold Pig as told by Harold's friends at his wake. [4]


"the album has an epic sweep to it which makes it feel like a journey. While the nonsequitors and genuinely creepy stretches make Circus Devils' music likely too odd for your average music fan, this isn't a hapless "side project" but an intricate, intoxicating epic showcasing a unique, hybrid form of rock."
- Dave Heaton / Erasing Clouds

"(Robert) Pollard's patented vocal hooks are sprinkled throughout and vicious guitar solos add to the Devils' sweeping sense of barely controlled chaos. The tone of the album remains dark and is again done on a grand soundtrack scale, but whereas Ringworm Interiors had a menacing, unsettling, perhaps David Lynchian feel, The Harold Pig Memorial has a more unifying, often suitably funereal (but still unsettling), musical theme woven throughout."
- Karen E. Graves /

Track listing[edit]

  1. Alaska to Burning Men
  2. Saved Herself, Shaved Herself
  3. Soldiers of June
  4. I Guess I Needed That
  5. Festival of Death
  6. Dirty World News
  7. May We See the Hostage
  8. Do You Feel Legal?
  9. A Birdcage Until Further Notice
  10. Injured?
  11. Foxhead Delivery
  12. Last Punk Standing
  13. Bull Spears
  14. Discussions in the Cave
  15. Recirculating Hearse
  16. Pigs Can't Hide (On Their Day Off)
  17. Exoskeleton Motorcade
  18. Real Trip No.3
  19. Vegas
  20. The Pilot's Crucifixion / Indian Oil
  21. Tulip Review
  22. The Harold Pig Memorial


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