The Haunted (album)

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The Haunted
Studio album by The Haunted
Released June 23, 1998
Recorded November–December 1997
(Studio Fredman)

Thrash metal, melodic death metal

Length = 40:46
Label Earache
The Haunted chronology
Demo '97
The Haunted
Made Me Do It

The Haunted[1][2][3][4] is the debut album by the Swedish thrash metal band The Haunted, released in 1998 on Earache Records. Tracks 1-4 & 12, were part of the band's greatest hits, Warning Shots. Peter Dolving and Adrian Erlandsson both quit at different times after the album, but both returned on different releases, with Dolving on rEVOLVEr, and Erlandsson on Eye of the Storm.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Hate Song"   Jensen/Dolving Jensen 2:59
2. "Chasm"   Dolving A. Björler 3:09
3. "In Vein"   Jensen/Dolving J. Björler/Jensen 3:23
4. "Undead"   Jensen Jensen 2:08
5. "Choke Hold"   Dolving/A. Björler Jensen/J. Björler 3:43
6. "Three Times"   Dolving Jensen 2:41
7. "Bullet Hole"   The Haunted A. Björler 4:17
8. "Now You Know"   Dolving Björlers 3:30
9. "Shattered"   Jensen Jensen/A. Björler 3:17
10. "Soul Fracture"   Björlers A. Björler 3:44
11. "Blood Rust"   Jensen Jensen/A. Björler 3:40
12. "Forensick"   Dolving Jensen/Björlers 4:16
Reissue bonus track
No. Title Music Length
13. "Burner"     3:36
14. "I'll Be Damned"     3:55


The Haunted