The Havalinas

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The Havalinas- Tim Scott McConnel and Smutty Smiff.jpg

The Havalinas are a gypsy-folk-rock band from California, formed in 1989 in Los Angeles by Tim Scott McConnell and Stephen Dennis Smith (Smutty Smiff) - former bandmates in Levi and the Rockats, a punk-styled rockabilly group.[1] Smiff was coming back from Arizona, after four months of rehab, to find his soul brother - Tim - quitting the music business and working as a doorman at gay bars and cleaning people's homes.

At first, they were playing at Smiff's home in the Fairfax district, then in a nearby Molly Malone's pub. They gained public attention for their unique sound, great lyrics and anti-establishment vibe. After recruiting Charlie Quintana[2] into the project, the band started to gain major label attention. They signed into Elektra Records [7] and released self-titled album in 1990.[3]

The band achieved success and toured with Bob Dylan, Chris Isaak, Tina Turner, and Crowded House.

The biggest recognition the band has gotten in 2014, when Bruce Springsteen covered the song "High Hopes" (for the second time)[4] on same titled album, which took #1 place in 15 countries. Springsteen said that he's the biggest fan of McConnell's talent.[5]