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Industry Marketing Communications
Founded 1991 (1991)
Founder John P. Luginbill, Joseph Mahler and Andrew Normington
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Area served
Key people
John P. Luginbill
(CEO / Founder)
Services Healthcare, Social Media, Product Launches

The Heavyweights is an Indianapolis-based full-service marketing communications agency experienced in a wide array of industries including healthcare, social media and product launches.[1] It was founded in 1991 by John P. Luginbill, Joseph Mahler and Andrew Normington.[2]


CEO John P. Luginbill, freelance illustrator Joseph Mahler and photographer Andrew Normington founded The Heavyweights in 1991 on the belief that 'creative services can be provided without traditional overhead.' The Heavyweights was founded in a former church built in 1908 in the historic Indianapolis village of Oaklandon.[3] The agency was named after the advertising industry demand “Get me a heavyweight!”[4] After the agency's inception as strictly a creative services provider, The Heavyweights became the first healthcare-specific network in communications in Indiana.[5] The Heavyweights' client portfolio included Indiana University Health (previously Clarian Health),[6] Riley Hospital for Children, Nike, McDonald's, Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Thomas English Muffins, HealthNet and Roche.

Affiliated Services[edit]

The Heavyweights launched the following products in 2010: 'Turn Up Your Volume,' 'Your Social Move' and 'Move Up And To The Right.'[7] In 2011, the agency founded RepuChek, a company that offers online products to physicians to manage reviews online.[8] In 2011, the agency also provided a Digital Community Management service for clients, ranging from hospital systems to small businesses.[9]

Architectural Design[edit]

The Heavyweights relocated to the Stutz Building in downtown Indianapolis in 1999.[10] The Stutz Building is owned and managed by Indianapolis commercial developer Turner Woodard, who refurbished the turn-of-the-century factory complex into a business center for small- and mid-sized businesses.[11]

The Heavyweights' office was designed by Christine Gentry in 1999.[12] The agency's refurbished office was created to be Mid-Century Modern, built on the premise that 'creative people need creative spaces.'.[13] In 2011, Gentry's design for The Heavyweights' office was featured in the Wall Street Journal.[14]

Awards and Recognition[edit]

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce recognized The Heavyweights as a "Best Place to Work in Indiana" in 2008 and 2009.[15][16]

The Heavyweights received the Effie Award in 2009 for the development of a campaign to reverse the decline in mammograms at Clarian Health.[17]

HOW (magazine) recognized The Heavyweights in 2010 for its creative, optimistic and evolving approach to marketing.[18]

The Wall Street Journal featured The Heavyweights as "Work Place of the Week" in March 2011.[19]


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