The Helix...Loaded

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The Helix...Loaded
The Helix... Loaded Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster featuring Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, the partner and the easter bunny.
Directed by A. Raven Cruz
Produced by A. Raven Cruz
Nova Golonka
Anthony Aniano
Samuel A. Levine
Ryan J. Francis
Written by A. Raven Cruz
Starring Scott Levy
Vanilla Ice
Dana Woods
Geremy Dingle
Dane Morton
Brigett Fink
Music by Michael S. Patterson
Stephen Viens
Cinematography Tony Puyol
Edited by Nova Golonka
Distributed by JDG Pictures
Release date
  • March 16, 2005 (2005-03-16)
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Helix...Loaded is a parody of The Matrix and Fight Club, written and directed by A. Raven Cruz and starring Scott Levy and Vanilla Ice.


Nuvo hangs out with a group of pals who have an inordinate interest in getting high, and like his buddies he's always interested in the next new chemical to come along. Nuvo and his friends Swatch, Chad, Theo and Ping. have heard about a new drug called the Helix, but while they'd like to give it a try, word on the street is that it has rather unpredictable effects—used properly, it can give its users deep enlightenment, but a bad trip can literally cause you to lose your mind. Nuvo's interest in the Helix is more philosophical than recreational, and he falls in with two mysterious figures, Infiniti and Orpheum, who are searching for The Other One—a person who can break through to a new level of understanding while tripping on the Helix.


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