The Hellcats

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The Hellcats
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Robert F. Slatzer
Produced by Anthony Cardoza
Written by Tony Huston
Robert F. Slatzer
Starring Ross Hagen
Dee Duffy
Sharyn Kinzie
Del 'Sonny' West
Robert F. Slatzer
Tony Lorea
Eric Lidberg
Shannon Summers
Cinematography Gil Hubbs
Edited by Bud Hoffman
Distributed by Crown International Pictures
Release date
  • December 16, 1968 (1968-12-16) (Sweden)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Hellcats, also known as Biker Babes, is a 1967 outlaw biker film starring Ross Hagen and directed by Robert F. Slatzer.[1] It was featured on the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Crime boss Adrian uses a motorcycle gang called the Hellcats to carry out drug runs for him, although it appears as if it is a tenuous alliance at best because the gang and Adrian's henchmen do not get along in the slightest. In the meantime, a detective named Chapman is involved in an investigation against Adrian's drug ring and hopes to gain evidence against him through the biker gang. Adrian has one of his henchmen shoot Chapman and kill him.

Following this, Chapman's brother Monte, a sergeant in the United States Army, returns from active duty only to learn of his brother's death. Vowing revenge against Adrian, Monte joins forces with Chapman's fiancee Linda who poses as his girlfriend and together they pretend to be bikers and join the Hellcats, during which time Monte becomes romantically involved with Sheila, the girlfriend of the Hellcats' former leader.

Home video releases[edit]

  • The Hellcats was released with Chain Gang Women as a double-feature DVD, part of the Welcome to the Grindhouse series.
  • The MST3K version of the film was released on VHS by Rhino Home Video on January 30, 2001. It was later released on DVD by Rhino on June 11, 2002, with the uncut version of the film as an extra.
  • The Hellcats was released as a stand-alone DVD by Cheezy Flicks Entertainment in 2012.


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