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The old Herald and Weekly Times building in Flinders Street.

The Herald and Weekly Times Limited (HWT) is a newspaper publishing company based in Melbourne, Australia. It is owned and operated by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Australia (formerly News Limited), which purchased HWT in 1987.[1]


The HWT's newspaper interests date back to 1840 and the launch of the Port Phillip Herald. The company publishes the morning daily tabloid Herald Sun, which was created in 1990 from a merger of the company's morning tabloid paper, The Sun News-Pictorial, with its afternoon broadsheet paper, The Herald. These mastheads had a 150-year (The Herald) and 68-year (The Sun News-Pictorial) history in Melbourne, respectively; HWT had bought The Sun News-Pictorial in 1925.

The HWT also publishes The Weekly Times, aimed at farmers and rural business.

The HWT bought a controlling stake in The Advertiser of Adelaide in 1929. The Advertiser took a stake in The News two years later. The News was sold in 1949.

The HWT bought The West Australian in 1969, but sold it to Robert Holmes à Court in 1987 as part of the News Limited takeover.[2]

See also[edit]

  • HSV-7 (owned and operated by HWT from 1956 to 1986)
  • 3DB (KIIS 101.1) (owned and operated by HWT from 1929 to 1987)


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