The Hero (opera)

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The Hero
Opera by Gian Carlo Menotti
The composer in 1944
Librettist Menotti
Language English
Premiere June 1, 1976 (1976-06-01)
Philadelphia Academy of Music

The Hero is a two-act opera by Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti. Commissioned by the Opera Company of Philadelphia, the work premiered at the Philadelphia Academy of Music on June 1, 1976. At this point of his career, Menotti's style of composition, which rejected the avant-garde, was out of favor with the classical music world. Time stated in its review of the opera, "Most of Menotti's music is passable Puccini: melodic, easy to take—and totally beside the point in 1976."[1]


Role Voice type Premiere Cast, 1 June 1976
(Conductor: Christopher Keene)
David Murphy baritone Dominic Cossa
Mildred Murphy, David’s wife mezzo-soprano Diane Curry
Barbara, David’s cousin soprano Nancy Shade
Dr. Briankoff tenor David Griffith
The Mayor bass Gary Kendall
The Shopkeeper bass Walter Knetlar
The Jeweler tenor William Austin
The Guide baritone Richard Shapp
Husband of tourist couple #1 baritone Jonathan Reinhold
Wife of tourist couple #1 mezzo-soprano Fredda Rakusin
Husband of tourist couple #2 tenor Paul Spencer Adkins
Wife of tourist couple #2 soprano Hazelita Fauntroy