The Hexer (TV series)

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Genre Fantasy, Action, Drama
Created by Michał Szczerbic
Starring Michał Żebrowski,
Zbigniew Zamachowski,
Maciej Kozłowski,
Grażyna Wolszczak
Country of origin Poland
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Marek Brodzki
Running time 50 min. (excluding commercials)
Original network Telewizja Polska
Original release 22 September 2002
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Wiedźmin (The Hexer or The Witcher in English) is a 2002 fantasy television series. 13 episodes were made.

The story is based on the stories of The Witcher (The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny), by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

List of TV series episodes[edit]

Episode number Polish title English translation Source stories
1 "Dzieciństwo" "Childhood" None
2 "Nauka" "Training" None
3 "Człowiek – pierwsze spotkanie" "Human – First Meeting" Incorporates minor elements of "The Lesser Evil" and "The Sword of Destiny"
4 "Smok" "The Dragon" "The Bounds of Reason"
5 "Okruch lodu" "A Shard of Ice" "A Shard of Ice "
6 "Calanthe" "Calanthe" "A Question of Price"
7 "Dolina Kwiatów" "The Valley of Flowers" "Eternal Flame", "The Edge of the World"
8 "Rozdroże" "Crossroads" "The Witcher", "The Voice of Reason", "Something More"
9 "Świątynia Melitele" "The Temple of Melitele" "The Voice of Reason"
10 "Mniejsze zło" "The Lesser Evil" "The Lesser Evil"
11 "Jaskier" "Dandelion" Elements of "The Lesser Evil", "A Shard of Ice " and "The Sword of Destiny"
12 "Falwick" "Falwick" None
13 "Ciri" "Ciri" Contains elements of "Something More"

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