The Hidden City (film)

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The Hidden City
Directed by Ford Beebe
Produced by Walter Mirisch
Written by Carroll Young
Starring Johnny Sheffield
Release date
Running time
71 mins
Country USA
Language English

The Hidden City is a 1951 American film. It was the fourth film in the 12-film Bomba, the Jungle Boy series.[1]

This is the first Bomba movie to be filmed outdoors.


A photographer and his guide meet a corrupt Emir with a dirty secret. Only Bomba knows the truth and the Emir wants him silenced. Bomba defeats the Emir and his henchmen, returning a lost princess to her throne.


  • Sue England
  • Paul Guilfoyle
  • Damian O'Flynn
  • Leon Belasco
  • Charles La Torre
  • Smoki Whitfield.


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