The Highfield School

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The Highfield School
Highfield School Letchworth 2017.jpg
The Highfield School in 2017
Motto Our school, our future
Established 1965
Type community comprehensive
Headteacher Mr Ian Morris
Location Letchworth Garden City
51°58′07″N 0°14′28″W / 51.9685998°N 0.2412224°W / 51.9685998; -0.2412224Coordinates: 51°58′07″N 0°14′28″W / 51.9685998°N 0.2412224°W / 51.9685998; -0.2412224
Local authority Hertfordshire
DfE URN 117537 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Students 1059
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–18
Houses Babbage, Curie, Armstrong and Einstein

The Highfield School is a co-educational secondary school located in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. The Highfield School teaches students aged 11-18 from Year 7 through to Year 13. The school is part of the Letchworth Sixth Form Consortium with Fearnhill School. It received a good with outstanding features OFSTED grade.

Highfield runs a vertical tutoring system, meaning that students are put into registration groups with a tutor who is specialised in dealing with Years 7-8 and students in Years 9, 10 and 11 are put with other specific tutors. The system encourages the mixing of year groups and is popular with new Year 7 students, although there is little interaction with older students during tutor periods.


Students are allocated to tutor groups which form houses. There are four houses: Babbage, Curie, Armstrong and Einstein which have the house colours of yellow, red, blue and green respectively, the houses are named after famous sceintists as the schools speciality is science. The houses were previously known as Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria and Wessex before they were changed in 2008.

Students can earn house points and the house with the most house points at the end of the year win the house cup.

Throughout the year there are inter-house competitions including various small tournaments that are held in timetabled P.E lessons, dance competitions and a sports day (at the end of the school year).


Highfield School specialises in Science, and there are many Science and Maths events including a Science Festival. Students at the Highfield alongside Fearnhill School and many local primaries take part in Science-related events including a celebration evening. The school also works closely to develop science and maths in their partner primary schools throughout the year.

Original buildings[edit]

The original school buildings were designed using a system of standard prefabricated components, and construction work started in May 1964. The prefabrication system used was SEAC Mark 1 (2' 8" Steel).[1]

New building[edit]

In January 2017 the school moved into a new purpose-built £15 million building beside the old one, the latter being consequently demolished. The new building was fully financed by the Education Funding Agency.[2] Originally North Hertfordshire District Council turned down the application on the grounds that the development would have a detrimental effect on neighbouring residential areas "due to its size and proximity to nearby buildings." They also raised concerns regarding the quality of the design. However, the planning inspector dismissed these claims stating that the building would not have an adverse effect on the locale.[3]


The Highfield School is partnered with Fearnhill School, the sixth form students can pick subjects which are taught at Fearnhill as opposed to Highfield.