The Hits Collection (Kim Wilde album)

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The Hits Collection
Kim Wilde - The Hits Collection Coverart.jpg
Greatest hits album by Kim Wilde
Released 16 August 2006
Genre Rock
Length 73:50
Label EMI
Kim Wilde chronology
Best 1200
The Hits Collection

The Hits Collection is a compilation album by Kim Wilde. The album was released on March 6, 2006. Originally the album was intended to be a repackaged version of the 1996 compilation Best of Kim Wilde. When the album was announced, the webmaster of Wilde's fansite contacted EMI and asked if it would be a better idea to release a new compilation of Wilde's EMI "first" years 1981-1983 instead. EMI agreed, and so this compilation came to be. It included Wilde's 1982 track "Bitter Is Better", which had not been released in the UK until this CD.[1] This compilation assembled the first eight singles of Wilde's career (tracks 1-8) as well as their respective B-sides (tracks 9 through 16) in chronological order; filling up the track order are the aforementioned unreleased track as well as the two 12" A-sides of that time-frame.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Kids in America"   3:28
2. "Chequered Love"   3:22
3. "Water on Glass"   3:37
4. "Cambodia"   3:57
5. "View from a Bridge"   3:31
6. "Child Come Away"   4:05
7. "Love Blonde"   3:34
8. "Dancing in the Dark"   3:44
9. "Tuning In Tuning On"   4:24
10. "Shane"   3:42
11. "Boys"   3:14
12. "Watching For Shapes"   3:44
13. "Take Me Tonight"   3:54
14. "Just Another Guy"   3:21
15. "Can You Hear It"   4:27
16. "Back Street Driver"   3:33
17. "Bitter Is Better"   3:44
18. "Love Blonde" (12" Version) 5:01
19. "Dancing In The Dark" (Nile Rodgers 12" Version) 5:28


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