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The Hole is a small neighborhood in New York City on the border between Brooklyn and Queens.[1] It is a low-lying area, with a ground level that is 10 meters lower than the surrounding area.[2][3] The area is run-down, and suffers from frequent flooding.[4] It has been described as a "lost neighborhood",[3] and as resembling a border town from the Wild West.[2] Nearby neighborhoods include East New York, Lindenwood, Howard Beach and Ozone Park.

In 2010, Filmmakers Courtney Fathom Sell & Billy Feldman made a short documentary about the neighborhood. The film includes interviews with some of the residents as well as members of the Federation of Black Cowboys. The film premiered at Rooftop Films in 2011 and has since been archived at the Brooklyn Historical Society & Anthology Film Archives.[5][6][7]

The bodies of two Mafia members, Philip "Philly Lucky" Giaccone and Dominick "Big Trin" Trinchera, were found in the area in 2004.[8]


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Coordinates: 40°40′18″N 73°51′34″W / 40.6718°N 73.8595°W / 40.6718; -73.8595