The Hollies' Greatest Hits (1967 album)

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The Hollies' Greatest Hits
The Hollies' Greatest Hits (1967 album).jpeg
Greatest hits album by The Hollies
Released May 1967 (1967-05)[1]
Recorded 1963-1967
Genre Pop
Label Imperial LP-9350/12350 (U.S.)
Capitol T/DT-6228 (Canada)
Producer Ron Richards
The Hollies U.S./Canadian chronology
Stop! Stop! Stop!
The Hollies' Greatest Hits

The Hollies' Greatest Hits was the first greatest hits collection by British pop group The Hollies. The album was released by Imperial Records in the U.S. in May 1967[1] and by Capitol Records in Canada, under the title The Hits of the Hollies and with two different tracks, in July 1967.[2] This was released a year before Parlophone issued its own hits album in England and six years before Epic issued another album in North America with this title. When Imperial was dissolved into United Artists Records in 1971, this album went out of print, prompting Epic (the group's then-current label) to issue its own "Greatest Hits" album two years later.

The album was available in both mono and stereo formats. A little over half of the songs on the stereo version were electronically altered (e), meaning that the mono tapes were used.[3] The Canadian version of the album deleted the songs "Memphis" and "Tell Me to My Face", substituting early Hollies hits "Stay" and "(Ain't That) Just Like Me".

Capitol Records, the owner of the Imperial catalog, has not issued this greatest hits album on CD, as the 1973 U.S./Canadian greatest hits album on Epic, also titled The Hollies' Greatest Hits, contains six of these hits ("Bus Stop", "Pay You Back With Interest", "Look Through Any Window", "Stop Stop Stop", "Just One Look" and "On a Carousel").

Track Listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Graham Nash, Allan Clarke and Tony Hicks, except where indicated.

Side 1[edit]

  1. "Bus Stop" # e (Graham Gouldman) – 2:51
  2. "Pay You Back with Interest" # stereo – 2:39
  3. "Here I Go Again" e (Clive Westlake, Mort Shuman) – 2:17
  4. "Tell Me to My Face" # stereo – 3:02
  5. "I'm Alive" e (Clint Ballard, Jr.) – 2:22
  6. "Look Through Any Window" e (Gouldman, Charles Silverman) – 2:16

Side 2[edit]

  1. "Stop Stop Stop" # stereo – 2:52
  2. "Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It" stereo (Doris Payne, Gregory Carroll) – 2:17
  3. "Just One Look" e (Payne, Carroll) – 2:30
  4. "Memphis" e (Chuck Berry) – 2:30
  5. "I Can't Let Go" stereo (Chip Taylor-Al Gorgoni) – 2:25
  6. "On a Carousel" # e – 3:08

Canadian Track Listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Graham Nash, Allan Clarke and Tony Hicks, except where indicated.

Side 1[edit]

  1. "Stop Stop Stop" # – 2:52
  2. "Look Through Any Window" (Graham Gouldman, Charles Silverman) – 2:16
  3. "I Can't Let Go" (Chip Taylor-Al Gorgoni) – 2:25
  4. "Stay" (Maurice Williams) - 2:13
  5. "Pay You Back with Interest" # – 2:39
  6. "Here I Go Again" (Clive Westlake, Mort Shuman) – 2:17

Side 2[edit]

  1. "Bus Stop" # (Graham Gouldman) – 2:51
  2. "I'm Alive" (Clint Ballard, Jr.) – 2:22
  3. "(Ain't That) Just Like Me" (Earl Carroll, Billy Guy) - 2:09
  4. "On a Carousel" # – 3:08
  5. "Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It" (Doris Payne, Gregory Carroll) – 2:17
  6. "Just One Look" (Payne, Carroll) – 2:30



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