The Hollow (song)

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"The Hollow"
A perfect circle the hollow.png
Hollow, Pt. 1 Cover
Single by A Perfect Circle
from the album Mer de Noms
Released October 17, 2000
(Part 1)
January 2, 2001
(Part 2)
Format CD
Genre Alternative metal, alternative rock, progressive rock, art rock

2:58 (Album Version)

3:20 (2001 Single Mix)
Songwriter(s) Maynard James Keenan, Billy Howerdel
A Perfect Circle singles chronology
"The Hollow"
"3 Libras"
"The Hollow"
"3 Libras"

"The Hollow" is a single from A Perfect Circle's 2000 album Mer de Noms. It serves as the opening track of the album, utilizing layered guitars. "The Hollow" was recorded in the key of B Flat Minor and is arranged using a 6/8 time signature. Tim Alexander, drummer from the band Primus plays drums on the album version of the song. [1] The song was remixed for the 2001 single release.

Track listings[edit]

Hollow, Pt. 1[edit]

  1. "The Hollow" - 2:58
  2. "The Hollow" (Live) - 3:04
  3. "Judith" (Renholdër Mix)- 4:27

Hollow, Pt. 2[edit]

  1. "The Hollow" (Live)"
  2. "The Hollow" (The Bunk Remix)
  3. "Judith" [Video]

The Hollow [2001 Promo CD Single][edit]

  1. "The Hollow" (Mix 2001) - 3:20
  2. "The Hollow" (Album Version) - 2:58
  3. "Call Out Hook #1"
  4. "Call Out Hook #2"

The Hollow [Australian Release][edit]

  1. "The Hollow"
  2. "The Hollow" (Live)
  3. "Judith" (Renholdër Mix)

The Hollow [European Release][edit]

  1. "The Hollow"
  2. "The Hollow" (Constantly Consuming Remix)
  3. "The Hollow" (The Bunk Remix)
  4. "Judith" (Renholdër Mix)
  5. "Judith" (Video)

The Hollow (Acoustic Live From Philly)[edit]

  1. "The Hollow (Acoustic Live From Philly)" - 4:54


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