The Homing Beacon/The Landing Beacon

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"The Homing Beacon/The Landing Beacon"
Song by Buckethead from the album Electric Sea
Released July 6, 2009
Genre Ambient, acoustic
Length 6:56
Writer(s) Buckethead
Electric Sea track listing
Gateless Gate
"The Homing Beacon/The Landing Beacon"

The Homing Beacon (also known as The Landing Beacon) is an acoustic song by Buckethead in tribute to Michael Jackson's death,[1] who was an early influence on Buckethead.[2] The song has no lyrics, just music, described as "slow, almost peaceful"[3] and has been called a "poignant guitar tribute to Michael Jackson".[4]


The song was originally released on July 6, 2009 through Buckethead's website. Along with the track came a drawing. It seems that there is a draft of the drawing on one side of the paper depicting Jackson in the outfit he was wearing on the Smooth Criminal music video doing the famous anti-gravity lean; and on the other side of the paper he depicts Jackson while holding his arm raised above his head, with his finger pointing upwards, another of Jackson's signature stances.

The song was included as the last track on Buckethead's 2012 release Electric Sea.

Naming Issue[edit]

The song has two different names[5] because on the 2009 version, the drawing reads "The Homing Beacon - A song for Michael Jackson" but the MP3 file is called "The Landing Beacon" with "A Song for Michael Jackson" as the album title.[6][7]

On the album version, the song is called "The Homing Beacon".

Other Buckethead songs referencing or sampling Michael Jackson[edit]


  • The last 1:05 of the song may be taken from "What Kind of Nation", from Buckethead and Viggo Mortensen's album Intelligence Failure. It bears a close resemblance to a section of the song which begins at 1:05.


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