The Hood Internet

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The Hood Internet
Origin Chicago
Genres Alternative hip hop, remix, mashup, indie rock
Years active 2007–present
Labels Decon
Associated acts Max B, Isaiah Toothtaker, BBU, Showyousuck
Members ABX

The Hood Internet is a Chicago-based production duo specializing in mashups of hip hop (from the mainstream to the underground) with indie rock.[1] It is composed of Aaron Brink (aka ABX) and Steve Reidell (aka STV SLV, pronounced Steve Sleeve).[2]

The Hood Internet run a blog of the same name through which they release their music, a venture that helped their foray into performing live DJ sets of their material. New York Magazine categorized The Hood Internet in the "lowbrow" and "brilliant" quadrant of their Approval Matrix in 2007.[3]

They are also the creators and curators of Album Tacos,[4] a website that combines iconic album covers with images of tacos and other Mexican cuisine.


The Hood Internet produced BBU's "Please, No Pictures" off of the Bell Hooks mixtape in 2012.[5]

The duo entirely produced Max B and Isaiah Toothtaker's Toothy Wavy.[6] It was released on Mishka in May 2012.[7]

FEAT, their first album of original material, was released on Decon in September 2012.[8] It features guest appearances from Class Actress, Cadence Weapon, Tobacco, Hooray for Earth, Sims, and Kleenex Girl Wonder, among others.[9] The remix album, FEAT Remixes, was released in December 2012.[10]

The Hood Internet and rapper Showyousuck have formed a group called Air Credits.[11] The trio released the album, Broadcasted, in 2016.[12]

Influence on pop culture[edit]

During the 2009 BRIT Awards, The Ting Tings performed a version of "Shut Up and Let Me Go" that was augmented to include vocals by Estelle from her song "American Boy".[13] This song pairing had already been assembled in exactly the same manner by The Hood Internet in 2008.[14]


Studio albums[edit]

Remix albums[edit]

  • FEAT Remixes (2012)


  • "Chi City" b/w "Tonight Is Enough" (2010) (with Kid Static)




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