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The Hope Bombs were a self-proclaimed "geekcore" band, existing from 1994 to 1997. They helped pioneer the development of alternative punk scenes in the San Francisco East Bay.


The founding members were Robert Eggplant, previously of Blatz and editor of the long running zine Absolutely Zippo, Eric Hsu and Ben Morss. Drummers included Joe Presci, Brad From Walnut Creek, Dylan Selegue and Kerwin So.

The band had instant access to the Gilman scene due to the connection with Blatz (which in its day was considered a peer of Green Day and Operation Ivy). However, the band music and performances ran contrary to the conventions of the Gilman scene. Indeed, Eggplant had already reacted against the egotism of his experiences in Blatz, Hsu championed geeky aspects of live performance (puzzles, contests, prize giveaways and encouragement of audiences hurling stuffed animals through the show), and Morss had a highly respectable amount of formal classical music training. Though the band played numerous shows in the SF East Bay punk scene with well-known punk bands such as AFI and Screw 32, their eccentricity and geeky, anti-macho persona would always prevent any large following.


Nevertheless, the band did have a surprising influence. As one of the bands who played regularly at Geekfest, they inspired the creation of a number of bands dissatisfied with the perceived orthodoxy and rigidity of the punk scene surrounding 924 Gilman Street, and due in part to their involvement, a new scene arose, with its own sound and aesthetic.

These bands proliferated enough to sustain a geekcore record label, S.P.A.M. Records.

After The Hope Bombs parted ways, Ben Morss went on to play with The Pilgrims, Eric Hsu played with Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Robert Eggplant played guitar with Harbinger.


  • Sex With Euclid, 7" single. Pug Records, 1995
  • More Songs About Riots, Arson and Jaywalking, cassette release, Pug Records, 1995
  • If You Can't Laugh At Yourself...We'll Do It For You, compilation CD, S.P.A.M. Records, 1996

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