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The Horne Section
Horne Section 2019.jpg
The Horne Section playing live in Buxton, May 2019
Years active2010–present
GenresMusical comedy
  • Alex Horne
  • Ben Reynolds (drums)
  • Ed Sheldrake (piano)
  • Joe Auckland (trumpet/banjo)
  • Mark Brown (sax/guitar)
  • Will Collier (bass)
Former members

The Horne Section is a British musical comedy band,[1] appearing regularly on radio, TV and stage. Led by frontman and comedian Alex Horne, the band mix music with comedy[2] and specialise in comedy/spoof songs[3] as well as performing a wide variety of genres including jazz.[4]

The band is made up of professional musicians, including two childhood friends of Horne, and first performed together in May 2010,[5] with the current line-up finalised during 2012. The Horne Section have performed regularly at the Edinburgh Festival,[6] as well as touring the UK.[7] Celebrity guests at their shows have included Harry Hill, Simon Amstell, Jimmy Carr, Tim Minchin, Josie Long, Al Murray and John Oliver as well as musicians including Suggs and Neil Hannon.[citation needed]

Their BBC Radio 4 series – Alex Horne presents The Horne Section – ran for three series from 2012 to 2014. The band have also released three albums of songs which are available via the group's Bandcamp page.

The band featured in The Horne Section Christmas, a nine-minute Christmas-carol themed TV special, shown on Sky Arts in December 2015 as part of a festive season of comedy shows.[8] In April 2018 they recorded a two-hour live show at the London Palladium entitled The Horne Section Television Programme featuring celebrity guests including Sue Perkins and Nadine Coyle. The programme was broadcast on UK TV channel Dave on 24 May 2018.[9][10]

The Horne Section Podcast has run regularly since 2018 and was in the top 10 most streamed podcasts from the Deezer platform in 2018.[11][12] In April 2019 it was nominated in the ‘Best Comedy’ category of the British Podcast Awards.[13] The podcast has featured a diverse range of guests including comedians (Greg Davies, Roisin Conaty, Sara Pascoe, Nish Kumar, Adam Buxton), presenters (Richard Osman, Susie Dent, Angellica Bell), sportspeople (Chris Hoy, Lizzy Yarnold), performance poets (Rob Auton, Tim Key, Scroobius Pip), and musicians (Jessie Ware, David Arnold, Robbie Williams).[14] Each episode consists of light-hearted banter with the guest interspersed with comedic songs written and performed by the group.

Horne and the band have often appeared on Channel 4's 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown as the dictionary corner guest, performing various songs and jokes, and chaired the BBC Two comedy/music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks in November 2012. The band provide the theme music for Horne's Taskmaster TV show, as well as those for The Guardian's cricket podcast The Spin.[15] The Horne Section were the 'house band' for Channel 4's The Last Leg of the Year on New Year's Eve 2018,[16] 2019,[17] and 2020, where they contributed backing music as well as playing a number of their own songs. During 2020, they provided music for The Last Leg: Locked Down Under and Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer.

Album discography[edit]

These albums (and the single Grandaddy) are available to download at the group's Bandcamp page. The third album was released on 5 June 2020 featuring songs from the recent isolation podcasts. The band also have a Patreon page where listeners can commission short songs and shout-outs.

Released Music featured
2010 The Horne Section

Journey To Happy, The Horne Section, Battleships, Advice For A Student, The Hair Suite, Sidemen, The Egg Sketch, Friends Forever

(Album also features poetry and a conversation with Tim Key. The pianist is former member Joe Stilgoe.)

2018 Three Great Songs and Eight More Songs

Chinese Five Spice, Chris Hoy Loves A Saveloy, Drum and Bass, Happy Accident, If I Were, Is it the Police?, Less is More, Record Player, Seasons, Small Talk, Hardness of Water

(Alex Horne performs a spoken-word narration about the album and songs, with piano accompaniment, between each track.)

2020 The Most Beautiful, Talented People In The Whole World

Introduction, Summer Banger (2020), Hear the Word (Joe), Pam Ayres Eats Pom Bears, Savvy, Joan Armatrading, I Smell a Rat, Those Were the Days, Shredded Wheat, One Lump or Two, Crossed Wires, Newton's Laws, Road Safety, Hear the Word (Alex), Time Wasting, Blessings, Manifesto, Phobias, The President, Hear The Word (Ed), Children Say The Funniest Things, I Smell a Rat (Club Mix), Spool Fools, Hat Mancock, I Miss People, The Angry Chef, Hear the Word (Ben), Monkey Music

2020 The Horne Section Christmas Family Album

Introduction, Fiddly Christmas, Being With You, Buckaroo Intro, Buckaroo, Cabbage, Christmas Number 2, Connect 4 Intro, Connect 4, Dinosaur, Guess Who Intro, Guess Who, Head Shoulders Etc., Manger Danger, Monger, Midnight Intro, Midnight, Monday Tuesday..., Noel, A Thing, There Was A Dog, Midwinter Monkey

Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section[edit]

Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section was a BBC Radio 4 show that ran from 2012 to 2014 and was broadcast in the 6.30pm weekday comedy slot. The programme followed a similar format to the live Edinburgh festival shows with Horne and the band performing songs and jokes in front of a live audience, with assistance from a special guest - usually from the world of comedy. During series 1 the pianist was former member Joe Stilgoe, and from series 2 onwards was Ed Sheldrake.

Series 1 (2012)[edit]

Episode Guest Music featured
1.1 David O'Doherty Those Were the Days (Of the Week), Sidemen, Spotlight on a Musical Instrument (piano), Latin Song + Italian Music Terms Song, Everybody Speaks English, Let the Credits Roll
1.2 Nick Helm Bald Man, One Man and His Dog, The Attenboroughs, Dinosaur Song, Love Holds the Power (Helm), Spotlight on a Musical Instrument (trumpet), Friend Forever (Rebel’s Song)
1.3 Isy Suttie Ode to Jens’ Beard, Groupies, The Hardness of Water, The Maiden and the Slovenian Prince (Suttie), Battleships, Spotlight on a Musical Instrument (double bass), Party for all Human Kind
1.4 Kevin Eldon Ode to Tash’s Fashion Sense, Coles' Law, English Food, CABBAGE, Eggy Pop, Potholing Song (Eldon), Spotlight on a Musical Instrument (drums), Kitchen Drums, Horne Section Diet
Al Murray & Tim Key Rolling Up to Edinburgh, Connect 4, Song for Swanee Whistle, Pancake Day, Incy Wincy Spider (Murray), Scottish Medley

Series 2 (2013)[edit]

Episode Guest Music featured
2.1 Danny Baker Chess, Sports Results Song, Chris Hoy Loves a Saveloy, Writers' Corner: Cricket Match, Flash Bang Wallop (Baker), Musician Under a Microscope (Ben), Ready to Run
2.2 Phill Jupitus Light Musical Exercise, Joe’s Diet, Musician Under a Microscope (Joe), Focus on a Note (A), Dream Man (Joe), Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Jupitus), They've All Grown Up in the Beano (Jupitus), Shampoo Promises, Catarrh, Just a Man with a Beard
2.3 Charlie Baker Twister, Chat Up Lines Song, Drum & Bass, Bognor Girl, Love Song Medley
2.4 Nick Muhammed Bouncer from Neighbours, Focus on a Note (E), How They Met Ed at the Disco Party, Card Magic Music, Dream Man (Mark), Allergies, Tribute Band Tribute, Deliverance Duel
2.5 Doc Brown Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, He Weed in His Mouth, Watershed, Writers' Corner: The Dragon, Parenting Rap (Brown), Top Ten Musical Notes, Bagface, New Alphabet Song, Whale Rap (Brown), Alex’s Reggae Song
2.6 Matt Lucas Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons Pizza, Focus on a Note (C), Doodlebot, Hip Hop Song (Lucas), Baked Potato Song (Lucas), Seasons, Dream Man (Ben), Fly Me to the Moon (Ping Pong), Triangle, Irish Medley

Series 3 (2014)[edit]

Episode Guest Music featured
3.1 Sara Pascoe & James Acaster Henry Hoover, Record Player, Sara Pascoe: The Musical, Purse Thief, Folk Song, Mariachi Music (Acaster), I’m Your Teasmade, Autotune
3.2 Tom Basden Song for Suzie, Yonder Hill, A Musician’s Life, Jacques Villeneuve, Tom's songs (Basden) Squirrel Song. Radiator Wisdom
3.3 Marcus Brigstocke & Vula Malinga Working on My Twerking, Ed’s Supermarket Song, Marcus’s song, Car Song, Jazzy Vula Malinga, Alex’s Duet with Vula, First Dance Song, Happy Accident
3.4 Adam Buxton & Pete Grogan Song for Simon, If I Were, Thailand, Adam’s songs, Thick & Creamy (Milk advert), Cheese Dreams, I Ain’t Got No Story to Tell, Biscuits Sea Shanty
3.5 Cariad Lloyd & Gwyneth Herbert Small Talk (from Milk the Tenderness), Cariad’s song, Time Wasting (Will’s Inspirational Motivational Song), Gwyneth’s song, Marching Nursery Rhyme, Prequel to Copacabana, Song for Alex’s Son (When You’re 6 Foot 4), Woody’s Weigh-In, Tudors vs Vikings
3.6 Terry Alderton Fortune Teller, Aliens Exist, Is it the Police?, Don’t You Want Me 2 (Do You Still Not Want Me?), Terry’s song, Spanish Flu, Ed’s Dilemma, The Fly, Is it a Gun?, Ode to Tim the Manly Man

Television appearances[edit]

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (2013-present)[edit]

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown is a panel show combining the longstanding Channel 4 game format of Countdown with the lively comedy style of 8 Out of 10 Cats. Each episode introduces a celebrity guest as an assistant to etymologist Susie Dent in 'dictionary corner'. Alex Horne was previously a guest on the main Countdown programme in 2008, and as the author of a book on 'Wordwatching' was a strong candidate for the role. More unusually, he brought his backing band, and The Horne Section contributed various comedy song (and dance) items to the show, as well as stylistic parodies of the 30-second Countdown music.

The Horne Section have appeared in a number of episodes (with one appearance as Rachel Riley's assistants) over the course of the show, listed below with reference to the 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown episodes page. The saxophonist 'Pedro' (Pete Grogan) appeared where shown as a deputy for one of the wind players.

Episode First broadcast Teams' guests Members Music items
9 12 Sep 2013 Lee Mack / Bob Mortimer, Adam Hills Joe, Ben, Will only Countdown music, Drum and Bass, Samba Countdown, Bagface, Jazz Countdown
23 13 Sep 2014 Trevor Noah, David Baddiel / Joey Essex (Dictionary Corner) Regular members Highway Maintenance Vehicle, Ragtime Countdown, Disco Countdown, James Bond Countdown
25 29 Dec 2014 Kathy Burke, David Baddiel Regular members No-L, Carols Countdown, Macarena, Henry Hoover, Original Lyrics Countdown
39 19 Jun 2015 Vic Reeves, Lee Mack / Sara Pascoe Regular members Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Hiya, Eggypop, German Drinking Countdown, CABBAGE
40 26 Jun 2015 Bob Mortimer, Sarah Millican / Katherine Ryan Pedro (for Mark) I Ain't Got No Story To Tell, Salsa Countdown, Baker Street, Benny Hill Countdown, Trumpet Magic
49 28 Aug 2015 Sara Pascoe, Josh Widdicombe / Alex Brooker Pedro (for Mark) Background music, Brown-Eyed Girl, Ska Countdown, Children's Instrument Countdown, Zumba
55 5 Feb 2016 Isy Suttie, Richard Osman Regular members Scotland advert, Film Themes Countdown, Mexican Countdown, Lovely Day, Bottles Countdown, Seasons
69 15 Oct 2016 Victoria Coren Mitchell, Lee Mack / Bob Mortimer Pedro (for Joe) I've Got Something to Tell You, Sexy Countdown, Tense Jenga music, Caveat Clauses, Chris Hoy Loves a Saveloy
91 22 Sep 2017 Jason Manford / Joe Wilkinson, Lee Mack / Fay Ripley Regular members Wannabe, Five Quiz Countdown, French Countdown, Fly Me To The Moon (Ping Pong), Medieval Countdown, YMCA
102 17 Aug 2018 Richard Ayoade, Jessica Knappett Pedro (for Mark) Imagine All the Extra Notes, Future Countdown, Money's Too Tight to Mention
120 9 Jan 2020 Harry Hill, Rose Matafeo Regular members Abbreviated Songs, Gong Jazz Countdown, You Can Leave Your Hat On, The Coot or the Moorhen, I Scratched My Arse

The Horne Section Television Programme (2018)[edit]

The Horne Section Television Programme was a two-hour special show recorded for UKTV in front of a live audience at the London Palladium in April 2018. The show was subsequently broadcast in September 2018 on the Dave channel. The show featured a number of guests performing with the band including Sara Pascoe, drag singer Le Gateau Chocolat, Nadine Coyle, Joe Wilkinson and Sue Perkins. The programme interspersed the live performance with supposed studio rehearsal footage in which Horne berates the band for their ability and refuses to allow certain songs to be part of the show.

Music featured
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Hiya, Is It The Police?, Sara Pascoe: The Musical, Caveat/Mistake Music, Macarena, All By Myself/Nessun Dorma (with Le Gateau Chocolat), The Promise (with Nadine Coyle), Henry Hoover, Chinese Five Spice, Seasons, Acronym Song, This Is What It's All Been For (with Sue Perkins),You Can Leave Your Hat On, The Day I Forgot My Underpants, Less Is More

The Last Leg: Locked Down Under (2020)[edit]

The band appeared in a regular guest slot to close each show of this special series of The Last Leg,[18] originally shown on Fridays at 10pm on Channel 4 during May–June 2020.[19] Though the show was broadcast live from the homes of the hosts in Britain and Australia and via livestream with the individual guests, each member of the band pre-recorded their musical and visual contributions which were combined into a music video. The songs chosen were variously new podcast material, parody, and reworked previous podcast material.

First broadcast Song featured
1 8 May 2020 Blessings
2 15 May 2020 7 Days
3 22 May 2020 Time Wasting
4 29 May 2020 I Miss People
5 5 June 2020 Summer Banger (2020)

Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer (2020)[edit]

The eight-part BBC series Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer was planned during the time of Coronavirus isolation to "bring the biggest names from the worlds of sport, comedy and music back into our lives" for summer 2020.[20] It features Peter Crouch, Maya Jama, and Alex Horne and The Horne Section, with a range of sporting and entertainment guests,[21] and was aired on BBC1 on Saturday evenings during June–July 2020. The Horne Section contributed various programme jingles and parody songs, including a closing song of appreciation for some of the "unsung heroes" of the lockdown period.

The Horne Section Podcast[edit]

The Horne Section Podcast is a regular musical comedy show featuring The Horne Section and hosted by Alex Horne. Each show features a 'one-person special guest audience' at the recording, typically someone from the world of comedy, music or television.[22] Episodes feature comic songs from Horne and the band, including some about (and/or involving) the guest themselves, as well as music-themed games and comedy.

Series 1 (2018)[edit]

The first series of eight weekly episodes was broadcast in early 2018 and produced in association with the web-based streaming service Deezer.[23] The podcast was listed in the top 10 most streamed podcasts from the Deezer platform in 2018[24] and named in The Week’s best new podcasts of 2018 list.[25] ('Bonus content' was available in a separate Deezer track for each episode, and any musical bonus content has been listed below after a semicolon.)

Guest First released Music featured
1 David Arnold 23 Jan 2018 Radiator Wisdom, The Problem with Musical Comedy, David Arnold Song, The Adventures of Orf (The Library), Grief; Four Tomatoes, Jungle Boogie
2 Richard Osman 30 Jan 2018 If I Were, Richard's Rhyming Tweets, Your Days Are Numbered, Oh Richard!, Chinese Five Spice, Ignition (cover), Scottish Widows, What About the Credits; What About the Children
3 Adam Buxton 6 Feb 2018 Taskmaster (French version), Pepper Army, Things I Haven't Done Yet, Less is More
4 Susie Dent & Lou Sanders 13 Feb 2018 At Home with The A-Team, The Night the Cat Brought Me a Swan, Dent & Lou (Thesaurus Song), Our Manifesto, Pancake Day, Thick & Creamy; Top Trumps
5 Tim Key 20 Feb 2018 Su Pollard, Hope, My Favourite Hat Has Flowers On, Car Horn, So Many Names, Goodbye Tim Key, People People
6 Jessie Ware 27 Feb 2018 Autotune, CABBAGE, English Food, Alone, Alex Horne is Dead, Translation Station (Ave Maria), A Smile Will Push the Hurt Away; Burt Bacharach
7 Rick Edwards 6 Mar 2018 Dog Discrimination, Anusol, Rick Edwards Song, Record Player; Why Did You Become a Vegan, Flo the Baker
8 Roisin Conaty 13 Mar 2018 Bouncer from Neighbours, Roisin Roisin, Lorry Guy, Sticky Situation, Happy Accident, Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta, Thick & Creamy, Royal Wedding, How to Brush Your Teeth, The Hardness of Water; Tequila, Midnight

Series 2 (2018–19)[edit]

The podcast returned for a double second season in October 2018, running on a fortnightly basis until June 2019. No longer with Deezer, the show was funded by listener donations through Patreon,[26] often in exchange for a specially-written 'dingle' about the contributor (interspersed among the other podcast items) or shorter 'holler' in a regular song. Along with regular guest episodes, special episodes were released for pre-Christmas, Boxing Day, and Pancake Day. During December 2018, the podcast was named in The Guardian’s Top 15 Podcasts of 2018.[27] (Bonus content at the end of episodes has been included.)

Guest / Show First released Music featured
1 Liza Tarbuck 17 Oct 2018 Lovely Shirt, I Wonder What Liza Tarbuck Has Been In?, The Adventures of Orf (Archery), Answerphone, The Horne Section
2 Andy Zaltzman 31 Oct 2018 Andy Zaltzman Is..., Labour Song, Daddy Did Something Different, We Heave Away, Helping Hand, Prelude: India 1882 and Great British (from Vice Versa the musical)
3 John Kearns 14 Nov 2018 I'll Have a Drink, John Kearns Can..., Ode to Joe/Not-Swearing Song, What Do Fish Do When It's Night Time?, Haddock & Chips (and a Gherkin), Yonder Hill, Advice for a Student
4 Jess Robinson 28 Nov 2018 Doodlebot, Thick & Creamy (Cover versions), Come Rest Ye Merrie Gentlemen, Jorge & Jesus (The Horse Song), Problems, Summer Breeze
4a Bonus episode 5 Dec 2018 Christmas Medley
5 John Robins 12 Dec 2018 When the John John Robins, Drinking Makes Me Happy, Guess Who?, Hasta la Proxima, Camberley Town (live)
5a Bonus episode 19 Dec 2018 Manger Danger
5b Bonus episode 26 Dec 2018 Love Changes Everything, Coles' Law, The Adventures of Orf (Blockage), Who Dat Dog?
6 Nish Kumar 9 Jan 2019 Predictive Song, Coach Trip, Politics & Nish, I Punched a Seagull, The Adventures of Orf (Everest), Shut Up Jazz, Bagface (live)
7 Rob Deering 23 Jan 2019 I Scratched My Arse, Hello Hello Tomato, Rob Deering's Song, How Long, Super Wolf Bloodmoon
8 Nick Farrow[28] 6 Feb 2019 Parent's Dilemma, Smartphones/Stupid People, Farrow Accounting, Numbers, Murder You Wrote, Jorge & Jesus (at the greengrocer's), The End of the Podcast, Peter Didn't Rise a Horse
9 Chris Hoy 27 Feb 2019 Hello Sir Chris, Chris Hoy Loves a Saveloy, Hoy Soy, Alex's Apology, I Smell Bullshit, Anything is Possible (from Vice Versa the musical)
9a Bonus episode 5 Mar 2019 Pancake Day
10 Rufus Hound 13 Mar 2019 Mongers, Caveat Music, The Semi Final List, Cluedo, Ducklings, Silica Gel, Thick & Creamy (alternative version), Apology Song
11 Lizzy Yarnold 27 Mar 2019 The Greatest Slider, Kim Jong Un Takes the Train to China, Smartphone Users, Unwell on Race Day, Detectorists, Your Trousers are Boiling, Thick & Creamy (key changes), Livin' on a Prayer, L I Z Z Y YARNOLD MBE, The Upper Hand (from Vice Versa the musical)
12 Tim Vine 10 Apr 2019 You Can Do It Runners, Being With You, Tim Vine Song, Aunty Sarah's Gravy, Gout, Je Ne Sais Quoi, Barge Rock, Tim's Thank You Song, You Can Do It Runners (reprise), The Sound Womble
13 Matt Forde 24 Apr 2019 Forde or Smith, Jorge & Jesus (at the hairdresser's), Shampoo Promises, Rock Around the 24hr Clock, Sting is Shit at the Lute, There's a Man Who Lives on My Street
14 Emily Dean 8 May 2019 Where Have You Seen Emily Dean?, At The End Of The Day (It Is What It Is), If You Live in Half a House, I Can Sing a Mains Plug, Tomás the Funk Engine (Viktor Krakvonovsky)
14a Special Episode 22 May 2019 Mainly spoken word edition entitled 'Real Life Disaster Problems and Solutions' detailing an incident in which trumpeter Joe damaged a pair of trousers. Features one song at the end: Ketchup & Mayonnaise
15 Rachel Horne 5 Jun 2019 Equador, Oh Rachel, Pork It Through, Adolf, Caveat Music 2, Hiding in Dollywood
16 Kat Merchant 19 Jun 2019 Chaka Demus & Pliers, Kat Merchant Poem, Jerusalem (new intro), Thailand, Ready to Run (live)

Series 3 (2019)[edit]

The third series returned on 11 September 2019, reverting to a weekly eight-episode series.[29] The episodes were preceded by a series 3 trailer on 21 August 2019 featuring the song Summer Banger. In January 2020, the podcast was named Best Music Podcast in the inaugural Podbible Awards, which described the show as: "an absolute joy...manages to blend music with comedy amazingly".[30]

Guest / Show First released Music featured
0 Series 3 trailer 21 Aug 2019 Summer Banger
1 Greg Davies 11 Sep 2019 Learn a Language 1 - Parrot, Feast (Greg & Alex Erotic Fiction), Learn a Language 2 - Monk, Nans, Jorge & Jesus (in space), Hey Jude (rediscovered lyrics), Wind the Bobbin Up, Learn a Language 3 - Cauliflower, Summer Banger
2 Katherine Ryan 18 Sep 2019 Dream Man (Alex), Brainy Quotes (Katherine's Song), Ob-La-Di-Hell, Abbreviated Songs, Saab Slogans, Henry Hoover Theme, The Coot or the Moorhen, The Song that Everyone Should Pick When They Are on Desert Island Discs Because it will Actually Help You Survive, Those were the Classified Scores
3 Ben Shephard 25 Sep 2019 Dr Elmo (James Bond theme), Ben Shephard - hard but not herd, Extinction (Gary song), The Dinner Time Song, Service Stations Rap
4 Angellica Bell 2 Oct 2019 Everybody, The One Show theme (extended version), The A-Team (French version), Never Gonna Believe This But All These People Were Born in the Same Month, Altogether Now, This IS the way to Amarillo, Party Time (from Vice Versa the musical)
5 Nick Helm 9 Oct 2019 You Must Remember This, Simply Nick Helm, Nothing Something then a Thing, Memories, Tequila Mockingbird, Mark's Musical (Out and About & Papered over the Crap)
6 Scroobius Pip 16 Oct 2019 It Takes Six, The Scroobius Pip (Edward Lear poem), Little Pig 1, Some People Play, Little Pig 2, Chinese Five Spice (spoken word version), All the James Bond Theme Tunes in 80 seconds, Little Pig 3, Just the Six of Us
7 Angela Scanlon 23 Oct 2019 Waterloo Women, Los Angelas, Loft Interview music, Top Trumps, The One Show theme (extended version 2), Flexitarian, Dream Man (Angela), The Knock-On Effect, Let's Hear It!
8 Al Murray 30 Oct 2019 Caveat Music 3, Don't Worry/Al Murray, Corridor Thank You Song, The Coot or the Moorhen (additional verses), Grandaddy (The Pea Song), That Figures

Series 4 (2020)[edit]

Series 4, another eight-episode weekly series, was announced in a short trailer released on 22 January 2020, and ran from Wednesday 29 January until 18 March 2020. The fourth series was immediately followed by Series 5.

Guest / Show First released Music featured
0 Series 4 trailer 22 Jan 2020 Tudors vs Vikings (chorus only)
1 Ed Gamble 29 Jan 2020 Deep Down in your Soul (Gladiators), Veal for Every Meal, Heavy Metal Nursery Rhyme 1 - Bobby Shafto's Gone to Sea, Ed's New Ringtone, Heavy Metal Nursery Rhyme 2 - There Was a Lady All Skin and Bone, Heavy Metal Nursery Rhyme 3 - I Married my Wife on Sunday
2 Katy Wix 5 Feb 2020 Friends on the Water, Weetabix/Katy Wix, Flush the Bog, Anteeksi - the Finnish Song (Finnish version), Yoko Oh No, Excuse me - the Finnish Song (English version)
3 Pat Cahill 12 Feb 2020 The Brown Train, Announcement arpeggios, Patman, Two Puppies, I've Got a Pen, A Canoe is Just a Canoe, Infinite Antiques Roadshow, Jorge and Jesus (on music), Otamatone Final Countdown, Coconuts, Forgetful Granny, Flies Undone
4 Lauren Pattison 19 Feb 2020 Russian march introduction, The ballad of the girl who was banned from Byron's, When You Wish Upon a Star, Decisions, Phil songs, Sad preview music / Party of one, Thank-you music, Come Dance With Me
5 Dan Jones 26 Feb 2020 Dan Jones's Career So Far, Dan Jones vs Dow Jones, Mid-period Kate Bush music, Hocus Pocus by Focus, As Long as You Love Me, Football Music, Richard III, Tudors vs Vikings / Greensleeves
6 Spencer Jones 4 Mar 2020 Mr Jones, Trying to Leave Loop, A Spaceman Came Travelling / Monkey Music, This New Job of Mine, Do You Remember My Mum, Jorge and Jesus (at the café), Monkey Music reprise, Where Have All the Good Men Gone
7 Rob Auton 11 Mar 2020 Rob Rob Rob Auton, Good Boy, Dog or Duck or Dock, The Aeroplane Safety Announcement Song, One Creature Zoo (the Tortoise), Captain Big-Bum's Empty Slipper, We Have All the Time (in the World), Rubbery Water, Alex's Composition
8 Sara Pascoe 18 Mar 2020 Carefulonia, House Music, Sara Pascoe Has Been on TV, Your Song, Chillout Music, I Saw the King, I Don’t Care, I Have Nothing, Wear a Mac, Haddock and Chips (Tartar Sauce remix), Sing a Snooker Table, Brass Monkey Music

The Isolation Specials (Series 5) (2020)[edit]

The 'Isolation Specials' were announced in mid-March 2020 as a response to the Coronavirus concerns growing in the UK, and the consequent necessary postponement of the initial dates in the Horne Section's planned 2020 tour. Although a break in transmission had previously been announced, the first episode appeared only a week after the last of the scheduled episodes of series 4. Episodes were recorded with the band members connected by video link from their own homes, interspersed with clips from a prior telephone call to the guest and pre-recorded songs. Distinctive features of the series include songs put together by individual musicians, musical quizzes by the pianist, and a prominent use of incidental music to underscore conversations.

Guest / show First released Music featured
1 Tim Key 25 Mar 2020 Hear the Word (Joe), Negative Music, Joan Armatrading, Savvy, Pam Ayres Eats Pom Bears, I Smell a Rat, I Smell a Rat (club mix)
2 Tim Key 9 Apr 2020 Peppa Pig, Manifesto (for the Isolation), I Themed a Theme, The Man from the North (consequences song), Boum (translation), One Lump or Two, Hear the Word (Alex), Newton's Laws, Last of the TV Theme Tunes
3 Max Rushden 22 Apr 2020 Road Safety (Rubber Knickers), The Warm Up on Talksport with You, Rockingham Cindy, There Ain't No Binman (Mark), Three Hundred Thousand and Thirty Four Nine Hundred and Seventy-Four Thousand, What a Wonderful World, Ambient Music, In Your Back Garden (Rushden), Hidden MPs, Shreds, Phobias, (Ca)Puccini Music
4 Robbie Williams 6 May 2020 Blessings (Lard Arse), Yes Today, The Tetris Diet, The Angry Chef Song, Thought of the Day (Facial Bones), Hear the Word (Ed), Hat Mancock, Angels (Williams), Thought of the Day (The Fly)
5 Rose Matafeo 20 May 2020 Rose's Taskmaster song, Jokes jingle, Crossed Wires, If Drummers Were Musicians, Kids Say the Funniest Things, I Miss People, Hear the Word (Ben), Misty Spring Morning, Honk Oi Wah, Do Go Br My He, Thought of the Day (The Nearness), Oi Honk Squeak Honk

Series 6 (2020)[edit]

The next series of The Horne Section Podcast was announced by Alex Horne on Twitter on 30 September 2020.[31] The numbering of the series was initially left ambiguous in the band's Patreon post of 1 Oct 2020, where it is referred to as "SERIES 5 (? OR 6?)",[32] but has now been confirmed there to be Series 6 (retroactively making the Isolation Specials officially Series 5 of the podcast). New regular features of Series 6 include the performance of a cover version of any song chosen by the guest for their funeral, and the setting of a lyric composed by the guest saying words in alternation with Alex.

Guest / show First released Music featured
1 Reggie Watts 4 Nov 2020 I Ain't Got No Legs, What is in Your Rubbish Bin (David Gower), Reggie's Looping Thing, Poirot, Good Life, You've Got the Lovejoy, Tailwhip
2 Mae Martin 11 Nov 2020 When I Needed a Neighbour, Potaconuts, Bidding on a Cup on eBay, What is in Your Rubbish Bin (Bruno Tonioli), Bleak Midwinter in the Sky, Three Old Dogs
3 Mark Watson 18 Nov 2020 Time v Persons, On the Bouncy Castle (Watson), Warning: Gross Material, I'm Always Seeing You Do Cool Stuff (Watson), Chat Back, What is in Your Rubbish Bin (Miley Cyrus), There's a Light, They Went in a Car, Town Called Malice
4 Hank Green 25 Nov 2020 Butcher Song, Taskmistress, Lingo Bingo, A Song About an Anglerfish (Green), The Best Thing Ever (Palmer), Chill Noir Jazz, I Am Funny, Born This Way, Uplifting Music, If You Want a Smaller Device
5 Tom Basden 2 Dec 2020 Dance Saxophone, Donkeys are Pricks, Lingo Bingo, A Whiter Barry of Pâté, The Ballad of Middle America, Dream a Little Rant, Champagne (Basden), I've Just Seen Mr Blobby (Basden), Ringpiece Phones, There's a Ghost in My House (Basden), Ecce Quid, Tom Basden He is Dead, Bleak Vamp, A Whiter Barry of Pâté (reprise)
6 Daisy May Cooper 9 Dec 2020 Drive On, Alex in Wonderland, Faece-Ease, The Raccoons Theme, MMMBop, What is in Your Rubbish Bin (Claudia Schiffer), Staple it to Your Favourite Duck, They're Coming to Take Me Away, The Legacy, The 2003 UFO, Flowers
7 Isy Suttie 16 Dec 2020 Low-Battery Mode, Garglebox, Waffle the Wonder Dog, Three Little Words, Finding Out About the Pianist, Sugar Spun Sister, I Ain't Got No Scruples
8 Rupert Gregson-Williams 23 Dec 2020 Joe's Trumpet, Coles' Law, Puns vs Synonyms, Hat Chat Riff, Jorge and Jesus (at Christmas), Bleak remix, ABBA Trumpet, A Hat Indoors, Treacherous Cretins, Tim Key versus the Band

Series 7 (2021)[edit]

Recording of series 7 of The Horne Section Podcast was underway by 9 February 2021, as shown by a picture on the band's Instagram site.[33] The series is being recorded with the performers 'in isolation', as with series 5-6, due to ongoing fluctuations in UK lockdown guidance. Some guests were recommended or invited over Twitter, including comedian/musician Rachel Parris.[34]

The series began on 14 March 2021 with a one-off 'mash-up' combining the podcast with Romesh Ranganathan's music podcast Hip Hop Saved My Life for Comic Relief. A special visual episode livestreamed through Dice followed on 2 April.[35]

Guest / show First released Music featured
Bonus episode Romesh Ranganathan 14 Mar 2021 'Hip Hop Saved the Horne Section Podcast' special: Hip Hop Saved The Horne Section Podcast Theme Mashup, No Chairs, Forget About Adultery I'm Gonna Commit Upholstery, Mama Said Knock You Out, Garden Furniture remix
1 Jessica Knappett 24 Mar 2021 Yoga, Here I Am I’m a Violin (Knappett), Mysterious Piano Music, The Ballad of Mysterious Sightings, Tense Oboe Music, Animals Who Are Cleverer Than They Look, The Mighty Andrew Marr, What Willip Sends
2 Nina Conti 31 Mar 2021 Do You Remember Um Bongo, Arse Hand I, Mysterious Guitar Music, Drum rhythms advert, Let’s Piss Off to the Caesar’s Palace, Arse Hand II
Livestream special Mike Wozniak 2 Apr 2021 No Flies, Jorge & Jesus (at the seaside), What is Sweep Saying, Roxanne (Sweep), Thick and Creamy (oompah band), Groupies, A UFO, Ja Ja Ding Dong, What’s in Your Trousers, Ten Million Henries
3 Rachel Parris 7 Apr 2021 Tony Blair, Love Triangle, Mushroom Stroganoff (Parris), Movie Quotes as Songs, Sea Shanty (Parris), What is a Melodica (Parris), Midnight Farts
4 James Acaster 14 Apr 2021

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