The Horror Zine

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The Horror Zine
Medium bat on white.jpg
EditorJeani Rector
First issueJuly, 2009
CountryUnited States
Based inSacramento

The Horror Zine is an American fantasy and horror fiction pulp magazine first published in July 2009. The magazine was set up in Sacramento by Jeani Rector, a novelist and short-story writer with a taste for the macabre. She has been the editor for the magazine's entire run, and is assisted by Dean H. Wild. The Horror Zine has published established, professional writers, including Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale, Piers Anthony, Ramsey Campbell, Elizabeth Massie, Simon Clark, Tom Piccirilli, Melanie Tem, and Bentley Little.[1]


  • Jeani Rector, Editor (2009–present)
  • Dean H. Wild, Assistant Editor (2010–present)
  • Trish Wilson, Media Director (2021–present)
  • Bruce Memblatt, Kindle Coordinator (2012–present)
  • Heather Miller, Book Reviewer (2022–present)
  • John M. Cozzoli, Book Reviewer (2022–present)


Several anthologies of stories from The Horror Zine have been published.

  • And Now the Nightmare Begins (2009)
  • Twice the Terror (2010)
  • What Fears Become (2011)[2]
  • A Feast of Frights (2012)[3]
  • Shadow Masters (2013)
  • Shrieks and Shivers From The Horror Zine (2015)
  • The Best of The Horror Zine: The Early Years (2016)
  • The Horror Zine's Book of Ghost Stories (2020)
  • The Horror Zine's Book of Werewolf Stories (2022)
  • The Best of The Horror Zine: The Middle Years (2022)

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