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The Hospital
The Hospital-poster.jpg
Poster for The Hospital
Also known as 白色巨塔
báisè jù tǎ
The Great White Tower
Genre drama
Written by Luo Ying Wu (吳洛纓)
Directed by Cai Yuexun (蔡岳勳)
Starring Jerry Yan
Leon Dai
Janine Chang
Zhang Guozhu
Ng Man Tat
Tang Zhiping
Agnez Mo
Opening theme "你是我唯一的执着" [You Are My Only Persistence] by Jerry Yan
Ending theme "曾經太年輕" [Too Young] by Shadya (藍又時)
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 39
Executive producer(s) In Xiaohui (于小慧)
Location(s) Taipei, Taiwan
Running time 60 mins (Mondays to Fridays at 20:00)
Production company(s) Yang Ming International Production
Original network China Television (CTV)
Original release 15 August (2006-08-15) – 6 October 2006 (2006-10-06)
Preceded by The Return of the Condor Heroes
Followed by The Young Warriors
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CTV The Hospital

The Hospital (Chinese: 白色巨塔; pinyin: báisè jù tǎ; literally: "The Great White Tower") is a 2006 Taiwanese drama starring Jerry Yan, Leon Dai, Janine Chang, Zhang Guozhu, Ng Man Tat and Tang Zhiping. It was produced by Yang Ming International Production (揚名國際影視) and directed by Cài Yuè Xun (Chinese: 蔡岳勳). The series comprises thirty-nine[1] 60-minute episodes (including commercial time) and was broadcast on free-to-air China Television (CTV) (中視) from 15 August 2006 to 6 October 2006, Mondays to Fridays at 20:00.

The story of The Hospital is based on the 2000 Chinese novel of the same title by Taiwanese author Hou Wenyong (侯文詠). It depicts the power struggle and prestige in a national university-affiliated hospital in Taiwan, as well as the human relations within the community. Due to the resemblances in the title and story setting, Hou's novel is often compared alongside the Japanese novel Shiroi Kyotō, written by Toyoko Yamasaki.[Note 1] Both works have been adapted into television series in Asia.

In 2007, the drama was nominated for eight awards at the 42nd Golden Bell Awards and won Best Director in a Television Series and Best Supporting Actor.[2]


Hospital staff[edit]

  • Jerry Yan (言承旭) as Su Yihua (蘇怡華), M.D.,[Note 2] the male protagonist of the story, professor at the National United University School of Medicine (NUUSM; fictional) and surgeon at its affiliated hospital (聯大醫院, NUUH; fictional), takes no interest in the hospital's internal politics but eventually becomes a tool used by others to bring down his mentor, Tang Guotai
  • Leon Dai (戴立忍) as Qiu Qingcheng (邱慶成), M.D., professor at the NUUSM and deputy director of the NUUH Surgery Department, sides with the peremptory Tang Guotai when Tang is in power but then joins Xu Daming to purge Tang's influence in the department after Tang's sudden stroke attack
  • Janine Chang (張鈞甯) as Guan Xin (關欣), M.D., anesthesiologist at the NUUH and later director of the NUUH Anesthesia Department, Su Yihua's lover who eventually parts with him as she escapes from the power struggles in the hospital
  • Zhang Guozhu (張國柱) as Xu Daming (徐大明), M.D., professor at the NUUSM and director of the NUUH Department of Internal Medicine, arch rival to Tang Guotai and winner for the appointment of superintendent to the hospital, later father-in-law of Su Yihua
  • Ng Man Tat (吳孟達) as Tang Guotai (唐國泰), M.D., professor at the NUUSM and director of the NUUH Surgery Department, teacher and tormentor of Su Yihua who suffers a stroke when he learns his loss in the bid for hospital superintendency to Xu Daming
  • Tang Zhiping (唐治平) as Chen Kuan (陳寬), M.D., assistant professor at the NUUSM and surgeon at the NUUH, friend of Su Yihua who fails in his bid for associate professorship due to Tang Guotai's persecution and dies of stomach cancer shortly afterwards
  • Zhang Fujian
  • Huang Ruobai
  • Qian Demen
  • Emma Ni
  • Liu Renzo
  • Jason Chang
  • Tang Kehua
  • Linda Liao
  • Huang Zongyou
  • Kelly Mi

Family members of the staff[edit]

Patients and their relations[edit]

Other roles[edit]


  • Opening theme song: "你是我唯一的执着" (You Are My Only Persistence) by Jerry Yan - released on My Secret Lover
  • End theme song "曾經太年輕" (Too Young) by Shadya (藍又時)
Album Information Track Listing
The Hospital Original Soundtrack
(白色巨塔 電視原聲帶)[3][4]
  1. "Never Say Goodbye" - Power Station
  2. "曾經太年輕" (Too Young) - Shadya (藍又時) - ending theme
  3. "妳要離開"一些時候 - Kaira Gong
  4. "跟我說愛我" - A-Sun
  5. "我答應你" - Power Station
  6. "開車" - A-Sun
  7. "起點" - instrumental
  8. "甦醒" - instrumental
  9. "聽見日光" - instrumental
  10. "最初的守護" - instrumental
  11. "時光之詩" - instrumental
  12. "夜的遐想" - instrumental
  13. "熟悉的聲音" - instrumental
  14. "一個結束的開始" - instrumental
  15. "漫長的旅行" - instrumental
  16. "白色牢籠" - instrumental
  17. "病榻邊緣" - instrumental
  18. "我存在的位置" - instrumental
  19. "隔岸觀火" - instrumental
  20. "終點" - instrumental


International broadcasts[edit]

Awards and nominations[edit]

2007 - 42nd Golden Bell Awards (金鐘獎), Taiwan[6]


  1. ^ Although both stories deal extensively with power struggles and various abuses in the public research university hospital system, The Hospital spends more space on the personal relations of the irresolute protagonist amid various moral predicaments, whereas Yamasaki's Shiroi Kyotō climaxes with a lawsuit involving medication error committed by the ambitious protagonist and reflects more philosophically on the vocation of a medical practitioner against personal success.
  2. ^ Names of characters, as well as actors/actresses in a leading role, are shown in bold text in this list.
  3. ^ Zhang Guo Zhu was nominated for and incorrectly announced as the winner of the 2007 Best Supporting Actor at the 42nd Golden Bell Awards, hence both he and fellow actor are both listed as winners.


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