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The House
Editor Gisela Stuart
Categories Politics
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Dods
Year founded 1976
Country United Kingdom
Based in London
Language English
Website The House

The House is a weekly British political magazine relating to the British House of Commons.[1]

History and profile[edit]

The House was founded in 1976.[2] The magazine is published by Dods.[3] It is managed by a cross-party editorial team of MPs and overseen by a panel of senior parliamentarians. The magazine has its headquarters in London.[4]

The House was relaunched in May 2010 to coincide with the General Election. After consultation with a number of MPs and Peers, The House added a number of features and regular columns in a bid to attract the attention and support of new MPs.


The usual content of each edition includes:

Opinion - Each edition is introduced by high-profile MP, former MP or Lord.

Constituency Postbag - Each week an MP writes about an issue that has affected one of their constituents and discusses how they dealt with the problem. The Constituency Postbag feature usually includes a profile of the MP's constituency as well as other facts about the MP's day-to-day work.

Hot Topic - Two or three high-profile MPs, Peers or experts give their take on a controversial theme. In the October 18th edition former President of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Max Mosley called for a change in libel laws whilst Lord Lester of Herne Hill drummed up support for his Defamation Bill.

Commons Gallery and Lords Gallery - Each week the magazine gives an analysis of the previous week in the House of Commons and House of Lords, including analysis of Prime Minister's Questions, Legislation Q&A, Quote of the Week and Good Week/Bad Week and Appointments.

Commons Diary and Lords Diary - A current MP and Lord respectively give a day by day account of the previous seven days in parliament. The Commons and Lords diaries are one of the more popular weekly features in The House and give new MPs an opportunity to establish themselves and their constituencies.

Profile - Each week the magazine features an exclusive interview with a Member of Parliament or Peer. The Profile frequently gets mentioned and quoted in the both Houses, as well as the mainstream print media. Subjects of the Profile traditionally appear on the front cover of the magazine.

New MP Interview - The New MP Interview is an opportunity for new MPs to introduce themselves and talk about the challenges that they face in their constituencies.

Ministerial Briefing - Each week the magazine profiles a Minister, profiling the person, the big picture, the in-tray, the allies and the opponents.

Policy focus - Each edition covers a separate policy area and includes articles from a range of MPs, Peers, experts and commentators.


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