The House That Had Enough

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The House That Had Enough
Author P. E. King
Illustrator John O'Brien
Country United States
Language English
Genre Children's Book
Publisher Western Publishing
Pages 24
ISBN 0-307-68253-6

The House That Had Enough is a 1986 children's picture book written by P. E. King and illustrated by John O'Brien. It was published in the Big Little Golden Book series.

Plot summary[edit]

One day nearly everything in Anne's house (except her pillow), her bed, clothes, toothbrush, refrigerator, toys, even the house itself, all came to life and told her they felt she wasn't taking good care of them and left. Finally Anne, a young girl who appears to live by herself, convinces her house to talk her things into coming back on the promise that she take better care of them.

List of Anne's things and complaints against her[edit]

  • Bed: Being jumped on and never made
  • Clothes: Worn every day, stepped on and never washed or put away
  • Toothbrush: Never being rinsed out
  • Toothpaste: Getting dry and crusty due to having its cap left off
  • Soap: Filling his dish with water
  • Towels: Getting damp due to not being hung up
  • Refrigerator: Smelling of sour milk and pickle juice from not being cleaned
  • Dishes and utensils: Being covered in crumbs and peanut butter
  • Toys: Not being put away and stepped on
  • Hammer: Having his face pounded into the sidewalk
  • Paint can: Being used to paint the front lawn
  • Garbage cans: Being pounded like drums and smashed
  • Bicycle: Being rode down the stairs
  • House: Having its doors slammed, its windows opened in the rain, and its walls having posters hung on it with pins