The House of 72 Tenants

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The House of 72 Tenants
Original Hong Kong Poster
Traditional 七十二家房客
Simplified 七十二家房客
Mandarin Qī Shǐ Èr Jiā Fáng Ké
Cantonese Cat1 Sap6 Ji6 Gaa1 Fong4 Haak3
Directed by Chor Yuen
Produced by Run Run Shaw
Andrew Au
Written by Chor Yuen
Starring Elliot Ngok
Adam Cheng
Woo Gam
Ching Li
Lydia Shum
Ivan Ho
Music by Frankie Chan
Cinematography Wong Chit
Edited by Chiang Hsing Lung
Distributed by Shaw Brothers Studio
Release date
  • 22 September 1973 (1973-09-22)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$ 5,626,675.20

The House of 72 Tenants (七十二家房客) is a 1973 Hong Kong film directed by Chor Yuen. It is a remake of a 1963 Chinese film of the same name. It was the top box office film of 1973 in Hong Kong, surpassing Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon.[1]

People show up and find 72 guys living in one house. Hilarity ensues as the 72 guys are evicted one by one.


Special notes[edit]

The House of 72 Tenants can be considered to have started a new era for Hong Kong film industry. Before the release of this movie, most high-class movies filmed in the then British colony were shot and recorded in Mandarin, while the less respected ones would be shot and recorded in Cantonese. However, since the debut of the movie, which was filmed in Cantonese, and the popularity it achieved, subsequent major Hong Kong films switched their language from Mandarin to Cantonese.


Parodies of this movie are found in many of Hong Kong's films and Television shows.

In movies:

In TV shows:

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