The House of Hunger

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The House of Hunger
Author Dambudzo Marechera
Country zimbabwe(then rhodesia)
Genre Short story
Publication date
ISBN 0-435-90986-X
OCLC 30208116

The House of Hunger (ISBN 0-435-90986-X) (1979) is a short story collection by the late Dambudzo Marechera. Subtitled Short Stories, this work is actually a collection of one novella of 80-odd pages (House of Hunger) and nine sketches / stories. The small group of texts in its entirety reflects the author’s vision of (mainly township) life in Rhodesia (specifically, the period of Ian Smith’s rule of the country which at independence became Zimbabwe) — with a minority of the shorter pieces in the book depicting an African exile’s experience of life in Britain (mainly at Oxford University, where Marechera had studied).