The House on Maple Street

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"The House on Maple Street"
AuthorStephen King
CountryUnited States
Genre(s)Science fiction
Published inNightmares & Dreamscapes
Publication typeAnthology
PublisherViking Adult
Media typePrint (Hardcover)
Publication date1993

"The House On Maple Street" is a science fiction short story by American writer Stephen King, published in his collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes. It was one of several stories first published in that volume. It has also been recorded as an audio book, read by the author's wife, Tabitha King. The story was inspired by one of the drawings included in the children's book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, by Chris Van Allsburg.

Plot summary[edit]

After a summer spent abroad, the four Bradbury children return to their home on Maple Street and discover that something is growing upwards through the house's walls from below, replacing wood and plaster with metal and machinery, counting down to some cataclysmic event. Although somewhat afraid of what this was, Trent, the eldest of the four, realizes they have an opportunity to rid both themselves and their beleaguered mother of the tyrannical Lewis "Lew" Evans, their hated and feared stepfather. As the countdown approaches its final minutes, they contrive to lock Lew in his study and leave him to his fate, escaping the house just in time to watch as it raises itself from its foundations and blasts away into the clouds. The story ends with the children waiting on the curb for their mother to return, shaken but glad to be free from Lew's oppressive rule.

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