The Householder (novel)

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The Householder
First UK edition
Author Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
Country India
Subject bildungsroman
Genre fiction
Publisher John Murray (UK)
W. W. Norton (US)[1]
Publication date
Pages 191
ISBN 978-0393008517
OCLC 369105
Preceded by Esmond in India (1958)
Followed by Get Ready for Battle (1962)

The Householder is a 1960 English language novel by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.[2] It is about a young man named Prem who has recently moved from the first stage of his life, a student, to the second stage of his life, a householder. The book is a bildungsroman, which is a story where the protagonist develops mind and character as he passes from childhood (innocence) through various experiences usually through a spiritual crisis into maturity.[3]

Jhabvala started her career as a screenwriter by co-writing the screenplay for its film adapted by the same name, with James Ivory.[4] It was produced by Merchant Ivory Productions, James Ivory made his directorial debut with the film.[5][6] Eventually she was to win Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay for Howards End.


  • Prem
  • Indu, Prem's Wife
  • Prem's mother
  • Mr. Khanna, the principal of the college where Prem works as a Teacher
  • Mrs. Khanna
  • Mr. Chaddha, the history teacher
  • Mr. Sohan Lal, the math teacher
  • Raj, Prem's High school friend
  • Hans Lowe, Kitty, and Mohammed, White people living in India and their servant
  • Mr. Seigal, Prem's landlord


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