The Hudson Review

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The Hudson Review  
Discipline Literary journal
Language English
Edited by Paula Deitz
Publication details
Hudson Review, Inc. (United States)
Publication history
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 0018-702X
JSTOR 0018702X

The Hudson Review is a quarterly journal of literature and the arts.


It was founded in 1947[1] in New York, by William Arrowsmith, Joseph Deericks Bennett, and George Frederick Morgan. The first issue was introduced in the spring of 1948. Morgan edited the magazine from its founding until 1998, when Paula Deitz succeeded him.

According to the Review's website: "the magazine has dealt with the area where literature bears on the intellectual life of the time and on diverse aspects of American culture. It has no university affiliation and is not committed to any narrow academic aim or to any particular political perspective."[2]

In 2006, Princeton University libraries announced that they had acquired the archives of the journal, which included important works including an Ezra Pound manuscript.[3]

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