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The Hullfire
Format Online newspaper
Editor Edd Jefferson
Political alignment None
Language English

The Hullfire is Hull University Union's student produced monthly newspaper covering news, life, music, arts, fashion, sport and technology around the University of Hull and local area of Kingston upon Hull, England. As of February 2014, The Hullfire brand has united the newspaper, radio and TV outlets at the university into one.[1] In previous years, The Hullfire was only available as a newspaper but now shares its content on its own website for maximum publicity.


In the past, The Hullfire has been in both magazine and newspaper form and is currently in the latter. Until 2007–2008 the VP Media & Communications, now Chair Media, was the Editor-In-Chief, however, due to increased responsibilities, the editorial role has been taken over by an elected student volunteer along with a team of student sub-editors.

Former editors include Tristan Vere-Hoose and Grace Wood. Former writers include Samuel Stevens, sports writer for The Independent.


The Hullfire newspaper can boast a circulation of 2,000 per month and is generally considered to have improved year-on-year, and with the relaunch of the student media in 2014, is likely to increase readership. however attracts more than 100,000 hits on articles per academic year, making it a success with students at the university and neighbouring universities.


During the academic year of 2011-2012, the then Editor, Dominic Fog, neglected his duties as Editor as he slowly began to investigate the works of Karl Marx. Additionally, a meme of an African child with the text "woke up this morning" "Wasn't taken by Kony" was perceived to offend African students and caused the paper to be pulled. After much deliberation, is was agreed that the meme would be cut out, enabling the paper to circulate again.

Jason Birbas, the then joint News Editor, also wrote his sex industry piece "Clamps, Clips and a Lap Dancers Hips". It featured an interview with a lap dancer and dominatrix. A notable part of the article was dedicated to a fluorescent pink cage containing a dog bowl that was only looked at and not discussed. Despite being submitted it did not make the printing press, though he did win the 'Best Article Award' at the annual awards dinner.

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