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A location in Hillsboro, Oregon

The Human Bean is an American national coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Ashland, Oregon. The Human Bean has 79 drive-thru coffee locations [1] in 10 U.S. states.


In 1998, The Human Bean opened its first store in Ashland, Oregon.[1] In early 2002, the company began franchising their brand throughout southern Oregon and nationwide.[1]

The Human Bean has 80 locations, which 67 are franchised and 13 are corporate owned.[1] The franchise is located in 10 U.S. states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Washington.[2]

The Human Bean has their own coffee sourcing program called Farm Friendly Direct. This program works directly with farmers around the world to form long-term relationships and support the farming community. This ensures a good supply of coffee beans from the farmers and helps the farming community have a better life. Some of the projects have been building water systems, schools and community centers, paying teachers wages and providing schools supplies. Farm Friendly Direct funds have built a water treatment plant in Guatemala, completed deep solar water wells in Tanzania and Kenya, planted 15,000 trees in the region of El Salvador, built a new schoolhouse and supported the salary of a teacher in the Papua New Guinea community.[3]

While most locations are drive through only, there are a few locations that offer indoor seating in addition to the drive through. [4]

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