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Humanitarian Coalition

The Humanitarian Coalition is a coalition of Canadian non-governmental organizations consisting of Canadian Lutheran World Relief, CARE Canada, Islamic Relief Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec, Plan International Canada, and Save the Children Canada. Since 2010 it has launched 11 major appeals to global humanitarian disasters, these included the earthquake in Haiti in 2010,[1] the floods in Pakistan in 2010,[2] the earthquake in Japan in 2011, the drought in East Africa in 2011 and the food crisis in the Sahel in 2012.[3][4]

The Humanitarian Coalition's stated mission is to "maximize Canadian fundraising efforts in support of member agencies' assistance programs for the survivors of international humanitarian disasters. By working together, we seek to increase the awareness of needs, reduce the duplication of costs and take the guesswork out of giving for Canadians."[5]

The Humanitarian Coalition's most recent appeals were for the Hunger Crisis affecting parts of Africa and Yemen in 2017, the Syrian Refugee Crisis in 2015-2016, the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and the Ebola Outbreak in 2014. [6]


Humanitarian Coalition Organisational Structure.png

The Board of Directors is made up of the respective CEO or Executive Director of the seven member agencies, Patricia Erb from Save the Children, Julie Delahanty from OXFAM Canada, Caroline Riseboro from Plan International Canada, Gillian Barth from CARE Canada, Denyse Byrnes from OXFAM-Quebec, Zaid Al-Rawni of Islamic Relief Canada and Robert Granke from Canadian Lutheran World Relief.[7]

The day-to-day activities of the Humanitarian Coalition are run by the organisation's secretariat based in Ottawa, Ontario.

International counterparts[edit]

Around the world, agencies have begun to collaborate and launch joint appeals. Successful national humanitarian appeal mechanisms include the Disasters Emergency Committee (UK), Aktion Deutschland (Germany), Agire (Italy), Japan Platform (Japan), SHO Netherlands and others. Together, they form the Emergency Appeals Alliance [1].


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