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The Humanitarian Forum is an international network of NGOs, bringing together both Muslim and Western charities.[1]

The Humanitarian Forum was founded by Dr Hany El Banna and Ismayil Tahmazov in 2005 and is registered in UK as a charity.[2][3][4]

The goal of the Humanitarian Forum is to help create a conducive, unbiased and safe environment for the implementation of technically sound and principled humanitarian action by;[5]

- providing a platform for dialogue,

- promoting mutual understanding,

- supporting capacity building and development of NGOs and charities,

- advocating for a legal framework for greater transparency and accountability,

- promoting humanitarian principles and standards and

- improving communication and co-operation

Dr. Hany El Banna, founder of Islamic Relief and chairman of the Muslim Charities Forum, is the president of The Humanitarian Forum.


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