The Humanity Bureau

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The Humanity Bureau
Directed by Rob W. King
Produced by
Screenplay by Dave Schultz
Music by Todd Bryanton
Cinematography Mark Dobrescu
Edited by Jackie Dzuba
Release date
April 6, 2018
Country CAN
Language English

The Humanity Bureau is a 2018 Canadian dystopian action science fiction thriller film directed by Rob W. King. It stars Nicolas Cage[1] and Sarah Lind. The film was released on April 6, 2018.


In the near future war, climate, and political agendas have robbed America of its lush resources. Seeds rarely grow into vegetation, the water is mostly polluted, and people are obligated to work hard to earn their keep. Noah Kross (Nicolas Cage) is an agent of the humanity bureau, a government agency that determines a person’s productivity. Kross’s reports are key factors in deciding who stays in America and who is deported to New Eden which is in reality a 21st century concentration camp where the excess unproductive population is liquidated.

The reliable Kross is tripped up when he comes in contact with a woman farmer and her young son. He inexplicably delays sending in his report so the boy can perform at a musical recital the following day. This act of minor insubordination sends up major red flags back at the bureau and catches the attention of Kross’s higher-ranking superiors. The action takes Kross, the woman and her son from the deserts of Nevada to the snow-capped mountain peaks of Canada.

During the trip, Kross is revealed to be the boy, Lucas's father, though he keeps this secret while the boy's mother is in fact dead and the woman who has raised him, her neighbor, has assumed the mother's identity. Despite dangers and the high likelihood of finding nothing in Canada but a wasteland, the family presses on. Ultimately, Kross and the mother are killed by other agents on the Canadian border, but Lucas is rescued by revolutionaries operating in the area.

In the lucky rabbit's foot Kross gave Lucas is discovered a memory card containing a message from Kross and the evidence about the death camp and the genocide committed there. When broadcast across the country, Kross' message begins a revolution against the bureau and the government. At the end, Lucas is shown to have made it to the lake in Canada which still exists despite popular belief that all the lakes have dried up.


  • Nicolas Cage as Noah Kross
  • Sarah Lind as Rachel Weller/Amanda Douglas
  • Hugh Dillon as Adam Westinghouse
  • Jakob Davies as Lucas Weller
  • Vicellous Shannon as Agent Porter
  • Mel Tuck as Chester Hills
  • Kurt Max Runte as Adolf Schroder
  • Lorne Cardinal as Border Ranger
  • Destee Klyne as Schroder's Daughter
  • Nikolas Filipovic as Spiky Hair
  • Jett Klyne as Little Noah
  • David Lovgren as Irving Ravetch


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