The Hunger (1986 film)

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The Hunger (Al-Go'a) (الجوع)
Directed by Aly Badrakhan
Written by Esam Ali
Aly Badrakhan
Naguib Mahfouz (novel)
Starring Soad Hosny
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz
Release date
Running time
151 min.
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

The Hunger (Al-Go'a, الجوع) is a 1986 Egyptian drama/romance movie, starring Souad Hosni, Yousra and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.


The movie, based upon the novel of the same name by Naguib Mahfouz, examines the social conditions of Cairenes during the first decade of the twentieth century. In doing so, both the movie and novel deal extensively with the themes of poverty and death.


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