The Hunters (2011 film)

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The Hunters
The Hunters Poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Directed byChris Briant
Produced byAntoine Huet
Thomas Malmonte
Donato Rotunno
Joseph Rouschop
Written byMichael Lehman
StarringSteven Waddington
Tony Becker
Dianna Agron
Terence Knox
Jay Brown
Philip Correia
Chris Briant
Music byMark Snow
CinematographyJohn B. Aronson
Edited byNafi Dicko
Distributed byRaven Banner Entertainment
Release date
January 30, 2011 (Premiere)
December 27, 2011 (United States)
April 7, 2012 (theatrical release)
June 29, 2012 (France)
Running time
111 minutes
Budget$10 million

The Hunters is a 2011 French crime horror thriller film directed by Chris Briant. The film was produced by Antoine Huet, Thomas Malmonte, Donato Rotunno, Joseph Rouschop. It stars Dianna Agron, Steven Waddington and Tony Becker. It was released in limited theaters on December 27, 2011.[1]


On the outskirts of town is a large abandoned fort turned wooded park. Detective Le Saint is an ex-soldier assigned to protect a police informant who he arranges to meet at an abandoned fort in the woods. Alice is a college student who sneaks into the fort with a friend to go exploring. Unfortunately, the fort is also used by a group of men as a base for hunting humans: vagrants, tourists, and anyone else who happens to stray too far into the woods or stay after the park closes. Now Le Saint and Alice are caught up in the hunt against men who see humans as their next prey.


The film, while hosting an array of American actors, was filmed in Luxembourg and France.[2]


  • Dianna Agron as Alice
  • Chris Briant as Le Saint
  • Steven Waddington as Ronny
  • Tony Becker as Oliver Sheribow
  • Terence Knox as Bernard
  • Jay Brown as Stephen
  • Xavier Delambre as William Icham
  • Philip Correia as David
  • Laurent Barbier as François
  • Philippe Beauvais as Cyclist
  • Sascha Migge as Security Agent
  • Daniel Plier as Dan Darrish
  • Thomas Sanne as Sam
  • Gintare Parulyte as Bernard's Secretary
  • Alex Adam as Peter
  • Mireille De Kerleau as Ann
  • Corinne Pilutti as Beth
  • Loreta Fishta as Le Saint's Ex
  • Sophie Pop as Sondra


The film had limited theatrical release on December 27, 2011. It was released on DVD February 19, 2012.


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