The Hybrid Front

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The Hybrid Front
Cover art
Developer(s) Sega
Publisher(s) Sega
Designer(s) Masahiro Noda
Kunio Aoi (character design)
Jun Suemi
Composer(s) Naofumi Hataya
Junko Shiratsu
Sachio Ogawa
Platform(s) Mega Drive
Release Mega Drive
  • JP: July 22, 1994
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single-player

The Hybrid Front (ハイブリッド・フロント, Haiburiddo Furonto) is a turn-based strategy video game, released in Japan on July 22, 1994 for the Mega Drive. A re-release for the Virtual Console was done on May 29, 2007.


The introduction begins with someone logging into a computer. Then, it shows a revolution that occurred sometime in the 2080s leading into a series of wars and conflict that lead up to the video game's main setting of the 26th century. Since the second half of the 21st century, the depletion of fossil fuel resources have helped to deepen the conflict on Earth.

Things never truly became peaceful even after the world was forced to switch over from using petroleum-based fuel to using hydrogen fuel. Global warming continued without any signs of giving up. The 22nd century would see humanity slowly recover from the "oil wars" that lasted from the late 20th century to the year 2132. During the 24th century, the Earth was bombarded from orbit with massive optical weapons called the Metal Hammer by an Italian consortium; major cities around the world were burned to toast. The resistance would eventually be put down by CoCoON (abbreviation for COoperation COmmunity of Orbital Negotiation). Not only they would gain the corporate hegemony of humanity, CoCoON would develop a reputation as a hostile group of corporate war hawks; constantly revolting against the peaceful coalition of the PETO (abbreviation for Pan Earth Treaty Organization).


This is a screenshot of one of the earlier battles in progress.

All units are color-coded; it serves as a guideline for players to determine allies from enemies when a large amount of units are close together. Artillery with an obscured line of sight may still accidentally deliver their payload to non-hostile units. The blue color is given to the units whose allegiance is directly towards the player while neutral units are assigned an orange color and enemy units are all marked in red. Units can be placed either manually or automatically by pressing the Start button on the Sega Mega Drive. Mild violence is present in the game, although blood is absent. There are 26 levels in this game, all of which were designed by level designer Izumi Takemoyo.[citation needed]

The easiest battles in the game are assigned 15 player turns while missions with an average difficulty allow the players to play between 20-25 turns. Of course, the hardest missions in the game give the players 30 turns to successfully complete the objectives.

Asteroids tend to interfere with both combat and movement during extraterrestrial missions. In addition to planet Earth and Mars, there is also a quick mission that takes place on the Earth's moon. Missions on Earth are either fought indoors or outdoors; there is little differences in these battles except for the floor tiles and some of the scenery tiles.


CoCoON (COoperation COmmunity of Orbital Negotiation)
They are a global corporate group which are roughly divided into six main groups. They are considered to be like large-scale contemporary international conglomerates and business groups. After surviving a natural resources crisis, they helped to diffuse humanity and develop technological advances. CoCoON maintains their own military thanks to having influence beyond that of a nation state. In recent years, they developed Mars (with PETO trying spark a series of civil wars on that planet) and maintain a corporate hegemony over the Earth.
Pan Earth Treaty Organization
They are equivalent to the modern-day United Nations. Their government spans for regions but have a limited ability to govern and are dependent on couriers. An increasingly global reconstruction movement is an attempt by PETO in order to expand their control, however.
They are a contractor for armored transports in this video game. Indispensable to the people of this era, they are outlaws according to both CoCoON's and PETO's point of view. They participated in a massive rebellion called "Calcutta Disturbance History;" causing a temporary but severe tightening in the legal system.


Despite the futuristic surroundings of this video game; most of the units are still based on the technology used by various military organizations of the late 20th century. Examples of units that can be given orders by the player includes main battle tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery and anti-aircraft tanks.

Other units (on land, sea, air and space) are found on later missions; carrying more powerful weapons to handle the increasingly versatile offense as the missions evolve from quick low-intensity battles to Star Wars-inspired grand space battles and epic combat missions that are fought on the level of controlling an entire brigade at the same time.