The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts as One

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The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts as One (CD)
Hillsong united with hearts.jpg
Live album by
Released8 March 2008
VenueGlobal World 2007
GenreContemporary worship music
LabelHillsong Music Australia
ProducerAndrew Crawford, Joel Houston, Jad Gillies
Hillsong United chronology
All of the Above
The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts as One (CD)
Across the Earth: Tear Down the Walls

The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts as One is the ninth album by Hillsong United and the first of the three-part "I Heart Revolution" project. With Hearts as One was recorded around the world across the span of two years, and contains thirty songs. The album was released in Australia on 8 March 2008, and internationally on various later dates. It peaked at No. 8 on the ARIA Albums Chart.[1] The album was initially released in both physical and digital formats, along with a USB release. A companion DVD was also released in September 2008.

The second part, The I Heart Revolution: We're All in This Together, is a feature film documentary which was released in cinemas beginning November 2009.


In 2006, Hillsong United's key songwriter and creative director Joel Houston proposed a three-part series of releases under the banner of "The I Heart Revolution", stating it's not about loving revolution, but simply about the revolution of the use of the term "I heart...". The first of these was initially to be the eighth album (and first studio album) by Hillsong United. That album was simply released with the title All of the Above. The second of these to be part of the series was to be an extended play release compiled of performances by Hillsong United's under 21-year-old members. This ended up being released without the I Heart Revolution title also, only under the title In a Valley by the Sea. Finally, having recorded every performance by themselves for the prior two years, Hillsong United decided to release a compilation album comprising the best performances of the best of the whole era of Hillsong United, while including two new songs, "You'll Come", written and performed by Brooke Fraser, and "Love Enough", written by Braden Lang and Scott Ligertwood and performed by Jonathon Douglass, who had previously sung the song for the Under 21 EP, but not for a "full" Hillsong United album. Both of these new songs were performed in Sydney, while all other songs included were from throughout the world. As the album was recorded throughout the world, the cover art also features notable landmarks from throughout the world, including O Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), which appears two times on the cover, including at the centre of the heart. Others featured include the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and various pictures of people from throughout the world.[2]



The wristband for The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts as One

As with most albums, it was released as a CD and also on digital music retailers, but was also released on a one gigabyte USB flash drive, enveloped in a black rubber wristband. This USB version included all of the songs in MP3 format, the lyrical overhead master sheets, a PDF copy of the liner sleeve, and the two versions of the album cover.[3]

The live DVD version, with documentary elements and overlays from cities, worship events and moments around the world, was released in September 2008. The DVD will feature a selection of 18 songs from the CD version.


In its first eligible week, beginning 23 March 2008, the album peaked at No. 8 in the albums section of ARIA Charts and remained in the charts for the following three weeks, in lower positions.[4] In New Zealand, it charted at No. 36 in its week of release, though climbed to its peak position of No. 22 in the following week of 17 March 2008.[5] In the US, it peaked at No. 117 on the Billboard 200 albums chart on 19 April 2008.[6]

Track listing[edit]

Track Song title Length Composer(s) Performance location(s)[citation needed] Worship leader(s)[citation needed]
Disc A
1 "The Time Has Come" 6:24 Joel Houston São Paulo, Brazil Joel Houston
2 "One Way" 3:37 Jonathon Douglass and Houston Tokyo, Japan Jonathon Douglass
3 "What the World Will Never Take" 4:15 Marty Sampson, Matt Crocker and Scott Ligertwood Amsterdam, Netherlands Jonathon Douglass
4 "'Til I See You" 6:05 Joel Houston and Jad Gillies Edinburgh, Scotland Annie Garratt
5 "Take All of Me" 8:02 Marty Sampson Lisbon, Portugal and Paris, France Jad Gillies
6 "The Stand" 5:32 Joel Houston Shanghai, China + Vancouver, Canada Joel Houston
7 "You'll Come" 6:22 Brooke Fraser Sydney, Australia Brooke Fraser
8 "Break Free" 4:09 Joel Houston, Matt Crocker and Scott Ligertwood Oslo, Norway Jonathon Douglass
9 "Look to You" 4:14 Marty Sampson Johannesburg, South Africa Marty Sampson
10 "Where the Love Lasts Forever" 6:03 Joel Houston Kiev, Ukraine Joel Houston
11 "Forever" 4:15 Marty Sampson Seoul, South Korea Michelle Fragar
12 "There Is Nothing Like" 7:49 Marty Sampson and Jonas Myrin London, England Marty Sampson
13 "Tell the World" 4:34 Jonathon Douglass, Joel Houston and Marty Sampson Jakarta, Indonesia Jonathon Douglass
14 "All Day" 5:18 Marty Sampson Mexico City, Mexico Jonathon Douglass
Disc B
1 "Take It All" 3:36 Marty Sampson, Matt Crocker and Scott Ligertwood Manila, Philippines Jonathon Douglass
2 "My Future Decided" 3:34 Jonathon Douglas and Joel Houston Memphis, United States Jonathon Douglass
3 "All I Need Is You" 6:00 Marty Sampson Cape Town, South Africa Marty Sampson
4 "Mighty to Save" 5:04 Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding Orlando, United States Reuben Morgan
5 "Nothing But the Blood" 3:49 Traditional hymn New Jersey, United States Brooke Fraser
6 "Hosanna" 6:13 Brooke Fraser Berlin, Germany Brooke Fraser
7 "Fuego De Dios (Fire Fall Down)" 1:40 Matt Crocker Asunción, Paraguay Joel Houston
8 "Shout Unto God" 4:14 Joel Houston and Marty Sampson Buenos Aires, Argentina and Copenhagen, Denmark Joel Houston
9 "Salvation Is Here" 4:03 Joel Houston Budapest, Hungary Joel Houston
10 "Love Enough" 3:04 Braden Lang and Scott Ligertwood Sydney, Australia Jonathon Douglass and Braden Lang
11 "More Than Life" 6:29 Morgan Orlando, United States Reuben Morgan
12 "None But Jesus" 7:58 Brooke Fraser Toronto, Canada and Buenos Aires, Argentina Brooke Fraser and Annie Garratt
13 "From the Inside Out" 5:59 Joel Houston Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Joel Houston (Backing Vocal : Annie Garratt)
14 "Came to My Rescue" 3:43 Marty Sampson, Dylan Thomas and Joel Davies Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Joel Houston
15 "Saviour King" 7:03 Marty Sampson and Mia Fieldes Västerås, Sweden Jad Gillies
16 "Solution" 5:55 Joel Houston and Matt Crocker Los Angeles, United States Joel Houston

DVD track list[edit]


  1. "The Time Has Come"
  2. "One Way"
  3. "What the World Will Never Take"
  4. "Look to You"
  5. "Take All of Me"
  6. "The Stand"
  7. "Nothing But the Blood"
  8. "Hosanna"
  9. "Fuego De Dios (Fire Fall Down)"
  10. "Shout Unto God"
  11. "Love Enough"
  12. "Take It All" (Spanish)
  13. "All I Need Is You"
  14. "None but Jesus"
  15. "From the Inside Out" (Spanish)
  16. "Came to My Rescue"
  17. "Salvation Is Here"
  18. "Tell the World"
  19. "Solution"

Special features[edit]

  1. "Point of Difference" [Music Video]
  2. Behind the Scenes: Live Moments, Tour Blogs and more

Album personnel[edit]

Mixed By
  • James Rudder
  • Andrew Crawford
Recording Engineers
  • Brad Law
  • Steve Pippett
  • Andrew Crawford
  • Phil Blackbourn
Record Assistant Engineers
  • Josh Nickel
  • James Hurley

People Who Made It Sound Good - DVD Credits[edit]

Assistant DVD Mixing
  • Jim Monk
  • Ben Whincop
Mastered By
  • Tom Cryne
  • Leon Zervos
Post Production Senior Engineer
  • Ben Whincop
Post Production Record Engineers
  • Phil Blackbourn
  • Andrew Crawford
  • Peter Wallis
  • Trevor Beck
  • Jim Monk
  • Josh Nickel
  • James Hurley


Year-end charts
Chart (2008) Position
US Billboard Christian Albums 29[7]


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