The Ice Aquarium

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The Ice Aquarium
Frozen fish in ice1.jpg
Exhibit at The Ice Museum
Location Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan
Coordinates 38°54′0.3″N 141°34′46.3″E / 38.900083°N 141.579528°E / 38.900083; 141.579528Coordinates: 38°54′0.3″N 141°34′46.3″E / 38.900083°N 141.579528°E / 38.900083; 141.579528

The Ice Aquarium (氷の水族館, Kōri no Suizokukan) is a tourist attraction in the north-eastern port of Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan, operated by the Okamoto Ice Refrigeration Plant.[1] It features approximately 450 marine creatures that were flash-frozen into blocks of ice after being caught by local fishermen.[2] The attraction was established in 2002.[3] It showcases more than 70 different species of sea creatures, including crab, squid and octopus,[4] Due to the extreme cold temperature inside the Ice Aquarium, visitors are advised to stay for only five minutes.


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