The Idol of Paris

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For the silent film, see The Idol of Paris (1914 film).
The Idol of Paris
Directed by Leslie Arliss
Produced by R.J. Minney
Written by Stafford Dickens, Norman Lee, H. Ostrer (screenplay),
Alfred Schirokauer (novel)
Starring Beryl Baxter
Michael Rennie
Christine Norden
Andrew Cruickshank
Kenneth Kent
Margaretta Scott
Miles Malleson
Music by Mischa Spoliansky (composer),
Louis Levy (musical director)
Cinematography Jack E. Cox
Edited by Bert Bates
Distributed by Premier Productions Ltd
Warner Brothers (US)
Release date
Running time
106 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget less than £100,000[1]

The Idol of Paris is a 1948 film based on the novel Paiva, Queen of Love by Alfred Schirokauer, about a mid-19th century French courtesan Theresa who sleeps her way from poverty to the top of Second Empire society. It was an attempt by its makers to imitate the success of the Gainsborough melodramas.



The film was produced by Maurice Ostrer who moved into independent production after leaving Gainsborough Pictures. He made the film in association with R.J. Minney and Leslie Arliss who had all collaborated on The Wicked Lady. However the movie was not a financial success.[1]


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