The Image of Bruce Lee

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The Image of Bruce Lee
Directed by Yueng Kuen
Produced by Alex Guow
Written by Zhaoquan Weng
Starring Bruce Li
Leih Chang
Bolo Yeung
Music by Frankie Chan
Distributed by 20th Century Distribution (North America)
Release date
Running time
91 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

The Image of Bruce Lee was originally released in Hong Kong as Meng nan da zei yan zhi hu (International English title: Storming Attacks), although the Bruceploitation title was added for its American release. [1]

It is a contemporary (1970s) action film about Bruce Li as a special agent who teams with a Hong Kong police officer to crack a smuggling ring (among the smugglers: Bolo Yeung). Apart from the title, the only thing this film has to do with Bruce Lee is when someone tells the Bruce Li character that he resembles Lee.


On the website Bruceploitation, 'Keith' more or less sums up the appeal of the film by writing:

"Oh yeah kung fu carnage and gratuitous full frontal nudity, with a formula that like that you can't go wrong! I liked this movie it was cool. Every five minutes somebody was getting in a fight except one time, but that was a part with the nudity, so that makes up for it. Watch this movie if you can cuz it's good."[2]

In the fanzine Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger, Carl Jones writes:

"Image of Bruce Lee has been likened to an episode of The Sweeney with martial arts thrown in. It certainly has the look of a gritty 70's cop show...The fights are good and realistic and Li gets to show some handy moves with a Bokken (wooden Japanese sword) during one particular scrap with the boss's goons."[3]

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