The Image of You

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Albania "The Image of You"
Anjeza Shahini - Albania 2004 Final.jpg
Eurovision Song Contest 2004 entry
Edmond Zhulali
Agim Doçit
Finals performance
Semi-final result
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Final result
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Appearance chronology
"Tomorrow I Go" (2005) ►
Anjeza Shahini performing "The Image of You" at the semi-final.

"The Image of You" was the debut entry for Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest, being performed in English by Anjeza Shahini in the semi-final of the 2004 Contest.

The song was performed 13th in the semi-final, following Lithuania's Linas & Simona with "What's Happened To Your Love?" and preceding Cyprus' Lisa Andreas with "Stronger Every Minute". The song ended the night in fourth place with 167 points, enough to qualify for the final.

Drawn seventh in the final, the song followed Germany's Max with "Can't Wait Until Tonight" and preceded the Ukraine's Ruslana with "Wild Dances". At the close of voting, the song had received 106 points to finish seventh, which guaranteed Albania a final berth at the 2005 Contest.

The song itself begins with Shahini singing over a piano melody before it quickly builds to a moderately-paced dance number. The lyrics deal with the singer's feelings in what appears to be a whirlwind romance.

An Albanian version of the song was also released, entitled "Imazhi yt" ("Your Reflection").

The song was succeeded as Albanian representative in 2005 by "Tomorrow I Go", performed by Ledina Çelo.