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The Imaging Science Journal, formerly The Journal of Photographic Science, is a bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering both fundamental and applied aspects of imaging, including conventional, analogue chemical, electronic, digital and hybrid imaging systems. It is an official journal of the Royal Photographic Society and published by Taylor & Francis, previously published by Maney Publishing.[1] The journal was established in 1953.

Main subject areas include aerospace imaging, applications and display, colour reproduction, consumer imaging, detectors and sensors, digitisation and storage, displays, forensic imaging, hard copy output, high speed imaging, holography and 3-D imaging, image acquisition, imaging: mechanisms, modelling and properties, image processing, image quality, image security, input/output devices, instrumentation, machine vision, media life expectancy, medical imaging, metrology and metrics, multispectral imaging, psychometric scaling methods, and vision and imaging. The editor-in-chief is Ralph Jacobson (University of Westminster).


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